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Saturday 10 September 2016

#SpeakDecor - Loveseat

Hello again folks! Today on #SpeakDecor, I am taking up a quaint seating, the Loveseat.
The title 'Loveseat' suggests it is a romantic piece of furniture. Before your imagination starts running wild, let me tell you it is simply a compact two-seater sofa!

Celine French-Style Upholstered Settee

Aww, dampened your enthusiasm, did I? Take heart, a version of the loveseat or love seat is called the tête-à-tête, a conversation sofa, a courting bench, a kissing bench, I guess depending on how far the couple seated on it go! 
It is a takeaway from the Victorian 1700's era. This one is definitely a romantic one where a pair could have a cozy conversation or something more. You could peek into each other's books while comfortably reading together. Why sometimes covert agents could have clandestine top-secret meetings where secrets are whispered, documents exchanged while seated on this piece!

Image source: Far-Sighted Fly Girl

This S-shaped love seat probably came into being when two oppositely placed single chairs were kept alongside. Some wise guy must have decided to fuse them and hey presto, the tête-à-tête was born!
Ahh, I can just imagine a demure couple politely exchanging frivolities while their stern chaperone keeps a beady eye on them, glad the S-bend connecting the two seats acts as a barrier and doesn't allow too much intimacy!!

Then you have the regular love seats, which are compact two-seater sofas, that may form a combo along with your three-seater sofa. Sometimes if the room is small, you could scrap the three-seater and instead opt for a two-seater. It could also make for a cute seating arrangement in the bedroom, often seen as a part of hotel room decor, its a trend, now gaining popularity with larger homes.



 Image source: Homereserve

The above dimensions represent a compact two-seater, but depending on your requirement, you could go in for for generous dimensions length, width-wise. But the whole idea behind the loveseat is its compact-coziness, so remember that!

Style you ask? Well, it could be according to your the rest of your decor, like fully upholstered, part wood, part upholstery, all fabric or all leather, contemporary or classic.
The loveseat can be a statement piece, it need not blend with the rest of the decor

Classic style love seat. Source: swsurplus

In rooms where there is a space-crunch, compact loveseats which double up as beds, with pull-out mechanism are ideal space-savers.

So what ever the style, go for the loveseat in your living or bedrooms, children's room, guest-room and remember to flaunt your #SpeakDecor knowledge!

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