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Monday 5 September 2016

#SpeakDecor - Chaise Longue

As an avid follower of Masterchef Australia, I rather enjoyed a feature incorporated in between the commercials #SpeakGourmet, that focuses on introducing hitherto unknown terms from the culinary world. 

And....Bingo! I thought, how about: #SpeakDecor where I hope to shed light on some of the oft used jargon from the world of Home-N-Interiors.

Today, I am taking up a personal favorite - The Chaise Longue

Image source: Houzz

The chaise longue (for pronunciation, visit HERE) or chaise lounge is basically a long chair that is upholstered and cushioned like a sofa, typically with a back and one arm. It is long enough to support the legs enabling the user to recline and put his feet up. So this piece of furniture can be used for both sitting and relaxing. It may also be referred to as a couch, lounger and settee.
Typically considered a luxury piece of furniture, this seating arrangement is turning to be a hot favorite with a growing number of home-owners, due to its stylish look, comfort, versatility and customizable-size.

A chaise longue could be an accent piece in the living room to add that touch of class or it could find a place in the bedrooms as a leisure seating or a day bed. 
It is adapted for use in outdoor settings too for the comfort it offers.

Image source: Houzz

In the olden times, European homes had these comfortable seating couches known as Fainting Couches. They were used by women then, as it is purported that their tight apparel made it difficult for them to breathe and hence the fainting spells! These comfortable chaise longues came with an elevated headrest and side support.

Variations and types

The chaise longue comes in variations depending on the design.  
The basic main body and legs are common to all types while the arm/head-rest and back design may deviate.

For instance, the chaise longue could have a high head-rest and a low foot-rest, with the body in a slope. This type is known as Méridienne, also used as a fainting couch.

There is this version where there both ends are raised but there nothing on long sides.
This is known as Récamier.

A rather compact version of the chaise lounge is the an upholstered bench like version, with tufted ends.

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The lounger may be customized depending on the room's aesthetic requirement to be left or right-handed, by shifting the position of the back and arm.

Image source: Houzz

Besides this, chaise longues come in a variety of styles such as Victorian, Contemporary, Modern, Eclectic and Outdoor. An outdoor chaise longue is nothing but a deck-chair, seen at pool-sides and beaches. 

In the classic styles, the wood is the hero - typically teak, mahogany - polished to a rich shine. Much thought is given to the wood carving, design of the legs, which may have rollers fitted for ease of movement. The upholstery used may vary from leather, rich fabrics like velvet, suede, brocade, jacquard, silk and sometimes even a blend of both leather and fabric.

Modern designs have a metallic body like stainless steel or wrought iron, with leather, faux-leather, fabric upholstery. Fully upholstered modern designs with basic wooden frame-work also look good. 

Kardiel Le Corbusier Style LC4 Chaise Lounge, Caramel Aniline Leather
Image source: Houzz

Image source: Houzz

Cane, bamboo and rattan chaise lounges with linen, jute, hemp upholstery are very happening and can be used both indoors and outdoors to create a relaxing and cool look to any home.

Image source: Houzz
Lakeport Outdoor Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair
Image source: Houzz

Nowadays, bean-bag like chaise lounges that are light in weight, colorful are also available.

A chaise lounge may not have any fixed dimensions,  it can be customized for height, width and length. The basic concept is that besides being used as sitting arrangement, the entire length of the body needs to comfortably fit-in length and width wise while resting on it, in an inclined position. 

Another important consideration would be of course, the angle of inclination of the head-rest/arm, as this will ultimately influence the user comfort as well as overall length of the unit. 

Conventional chaise lounges may be pretty massive nearly 6' - 7' long and 3' wide.
Compact customized models can be 4'6"-5'6" long and anywhere from 18"-24" wide.
Seating height depends on user convenience and can be as low as 14" to as high as 20".

An interesting aspect of the chaise lounge is that, it is a typical piece of furniture associated with psychological counseling, where the patient relaxes on the lounger during the consultation.

Whatever the style of the Chaise Lounge, it is a must-have piece of furniture in every beautiful home. 

The best part of the chaise longue is that it need not blend in with the rest of your decor! 
It is meant to be a standalone or statement piece. 
It lends a different look to an existing decor and so yes, it does make sense to invest in one if you are looking for a quick-fix makeover of an existing space, besides of course creating additional seating!

Add a complementary throw or rug, a splash of color with beautiful cushions and create a distinctive, chic look.

Image source: Houzz

In any case, once your chaise lounge is in, it'll be the perfect, cozy setting for dipping into a book, ruminating thoughts and ideas, watching television or simply catching a quick nap

So now that you are familiar with the 'chaise longue' go flaunt it in your home and in your conversations, #SpeakDecor: "Oh, dear I just wish I could go home to relax on my darling chaise lounge!!"

Dear folks, keep tuned to Relax-N-Rave for more updates on #SpeakDecor, till then cheers to beautiful homes!!

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