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As I a part of the wonderful blogging world - 'The Blogosphere' as it is referred to, I have some brand collaborations and blogging milestones to my credit.

Here they are:


A short story, ‘Shopping for a Dress’ that is published in the Anthology by FWBA: Unbound issue #3

My article, 'Freedom' published in the Writer's Ezine.

The grueling A to Z Challenge, yes, I did this!

Proud member of Blog-A-Rhythm (B-A-R) a wonderful blogging community!

Bar-A-Thon - A blog marathon by B-A-R, I sailed through this one!

Member of a brilliant community for Indian Bloggers - Indiblogger

I have the professional blogging edge - I attended this course by The WeBlogAcademy.

     My winning entry for a contest held by Chaayos, To Dear old Friends

My winning entry for the contest by Berger Paints – Happy Times with Berger XP

My winning entry for the contest by Asian Paints – Breathe Pure, Live Healthy the Royale Atmos way

Recipient of the Liebster Award Blog

Proud associations with @Blogchatter the coolest online community for bloggers 
Taking my blog to the next level
#Blogbuddy: Bonds that Bind
My little sweetheart #BlogLove

A Milestone in my blogging journey: What's in a number?

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