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Monday 12 September 2016

#SpeakDecor - Ottoman

#SpeakDecor is here again to keep you abreast with the oft used jargon from the world of Home-N-Interiors.

This time, let's look at a rather versatile piece of furniture, the Ottoman, having roots from the Turkish Ottoman empire

The ottoman is a low upholstered seat with no arms or backrest. It may be used for a seating cum storage purpose. 
It may also be referred to as a pouf/pouffe and older terms such as hassock and tuffet. Though these are different from each other, they serve similar purposes of additional seating or as foot stools.

Typically an Ottoman will have a wooden frame and will be either totally upholstered, with no wooden part showing or just the legs showing. Typically the ottomans are square, however they can be in circular, rectangular shapes.

The Ottoman is a sturdier and bulkier piece and looks more formal than the lighter and more casual pouffe. 

The pouffe is originally an all fabric, large cushion with typically a cuboid or cylindrical shape.

However, nowadays the ottoman and pouffe are referred to interchangeably.

Where do you use an Ottoman?

The Ottoman may serve as a footrest for a recliner/armchair, as an additional piece of seating or a corner piece. 

By placing a wooden top/tray on the ottoman, it could double up as a center-table

The storage feature of the ottoman makes it a useful piece to have in the living room to stash all your newspapers/magazines, sometimes as a shoe-stand, to store additional cushions/sheets in the bedrooms etc. 

The storage feature could have a hinged top or a lift-off top.

The space underneath could also be used in the form of tiny drawers.


The ottoman's dimensions will depend on what use it is going to be put to.
As a regular additional seating, it can be as small as 16"L X 16"W X 16"H to much larger sizes, in fact the rectangular bench-like ottomans can comfortably seat two persons.


Style of your ottoman could either gel with your decor or it could be a standalone/complementary piece. You could choose a fully fabric/leather upholstered one or a part wooden, part upholstered look.

The ottoman is an unexplored piece of furniture in most homes, though it has so much versatility. It is so easy to move this piece of furniture and it is compact. By selecting the right upholstery and color for your ottoman, your room's look can be dramatically transformed. And as an added bonanza, you get additional seating and storage as per your requirement!

Now armed with this #SpeakDecor trivia, I hope you decide to invest in one or more smart ottomans!

Reference: Wikipedia

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