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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

What you don't know #BarAThon

 Image source : Pixabay

What you don't know

Bonny little girl skipping on the streets,
Didn't your mother tell you,
Don't go here, don't go there alone.
Don't do what you don't know.

Blooming teenager chatting with folks unknown,
Don't you know any better?
Don't speak to him, don't listen to her.
Don't do what you don't know.

Bustling young lady working late,
Did no one tell you how to work?
Don't think, just follow the leader.
Don't do what you don't know.

Blushing shy bride, setting your home,
Do you have any clue?
Don't keep this here, don't keep that there.
Don't do what you don't know.

Bumbling new mother, babe in your arms
Don't you think it's wrong?
Don't feed him this, don't rock him thus.
Don't do what you don't know.

Buxom matron, sitting at the computer,
Don't you have better things to do?
Don't think you are free, don't think you can flee.
Don't do what you don't know.

Benign old lady, rocking in your chair,
Did you not hear me call?
Don't bother to answer, don't bother us.
Don't do what you don't know.


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Today's blogging prompt is What you don't know
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