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Thursday 4 August 2016



Awakened by the kiss of dew,
 And warmth of the rising sun,
He unfurled his lovely white petals,
This little flower bloomed to a bright new world.

The caress of the gentle breeze,
The rustling chide of the leaves,
The drone of the bees and the flutter of the butterflies,
He could not have enough of.

"Is not life ever so beautiful dear mates," he said.
The older blooms sagely silent, nodded along.
For tomorrow they knew, they would be gone,
Why spoil the little one's fun.

Eager to play with the wind and sun,
Awoke little fellow early next morn.
His mates many were missing the fun.
Where could they be, he pondered.

On the earth below he found them lying,
Withered and faded, barely whispering.
"Smile and stay cheerful little one," they said.
"For soon from the earth, we shall rise again."

Today he lay, where they had lain,
Weary yet happy to rest after all he had felt and seen.
"Smile and stay cheerful little one," he looked up and said.
"For soon from the earth, I shall rise again."

Copyright © 2016 KALA RAVI

A flower is so ephemeral and has such a fragile life....and yet its life is so simple and fulfilling!

I am with Team #CrimsonRush for the #BarAThon from Aug 1st - Aug 7th.
Today's blogging prompt is Fragile Lives.
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