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Monday 1 August 2016

Hello Again!

He was gazing at her like one entranced. It couldn't be, could it?
He had last seen her at repose in her beautiful white gown, delicate hands clasping a bouquet of her favorite white lilies and a gossamer veil drawn over her pale face. He had tearfully watched her being lowered into the earth, inconsolable in his grief.
And now, right before him, she was alive and well! Going about the office with her languid gait, chatting at the coffee-station, throwing her head back to laugh at a joke someone had cracked and unconsciously flipping her dark curls, in a way he found all too familiar.
He had come to the legal office to file a case on behalf of his client, but ever since he had caught sight of the strange apparition of his dead wife or her alive double, he had forgotten all about his mission and stared open-mouthed at her.
"Kara, get me a mug too, will you," he heard someone yell. "Ah! Atleast her name is different," he thought, relieved.
This was too uncanny! Could someone resemble somebody else so much?
His beautiful Reya had left him over a year ago and he had been struggling to put back the pieces of his shattered life all this while and now this, this...this hallucination, was undoing all the efforts that had gone into getting back some semblance of normalcy in his life.
Suddenly, the apparition walked towards him with a smile and an arm extended for a handshake. He limply held out his hand and felt wonder at her firm and very real handshake.
"Hi, you must be Mr Paver from Pavers & Kline. I'll be handling Mr Bryce's case. We can sit in my office to discuss the case," she said, walking ahead. She turned and called back to a young girl she had been chatting with at the coffee station,"Hey, Kara drop over two mugs in my office, will you, one with cream, no sugar....right Mr Paver?" I am Reya Miller by the way."

Hey folks, did you find this little episode stranger than fiction
Well, if you did, yayy! 'Cos today's blogging theme is Stranger than fiction!

So what do you think happened here?
A) Mr Paver is hallucinating 
B) Reya Miller is a look-alike
C) Reya Miller is Mrs Paver's ghost

Let me know what you think!

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