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Friday 5 August 2016

The Perfect Match

A match made in heaven everyone agreed. The stunningly beautiful bride Diya and the dapper groom Vivek were the perfect made-for-each-other couple. 

 Image source: Pixabay

Diya coyly flipped through the huge wedding album as Vivek watched alongside, nuzzling her neck and occasionally running his fingers through her silky, dark tresses. 
They lingered over the candid and naughty pre-wedding shoot images and Vivek remarked,"Babe, you look forced, almost sad in these pictures.....not as natural and happy as you look now."
Diya's face clouded but she recovered quickly to retort,"That day I had a bad headache and the photographer was getting on my nerves, so I guess it must have shown in the photos."
"Oh, is that so?Why didn't you tell me baby? I would have called off the whole shoot for another day!" remarked Vivek, gazing at Diya's spotless visage.
Diya got up and stretched herself languidly, "I am going to have a long shower before I start the unpacking; feeling so grimy after that long flight. It was so lovely of your parents to pick us up at the airport, surprise us with the album and a packed home-cooked lunch so we could continue our honeymoon just a wee-bit more till we rejoin office tomorrow!"
"Hmm, they love you...who wouldn't!" sighed Vivek, "Hey, wait up, I'll join you too...!"
Diya blushed and went into the bedroom of their newly rented and fully fitted apartment. She found her red handbag and dug around searching for the keys to her suitcase. Her fingers wrapped around something small and soft and she pulled it out. It was the tiny shoe....the last fragment linking her to her old life, one she hoped she had erased forever. Yet, this tiny reminder she couldn't bear to dispose of, however hard she tried!
"Ahh! There you are...waiting for me to scrub your back is it? You lazy woman!" Vivek playfully chided her, wrapping his strong arms around her slender waist as she hurriedly stashed the tiny shoe right in and wiped the lone tear with her arm.

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