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Tuesday 12 April 2016

Jewel Tones for Opulent Interiors

Ever fantasized about being a royalty and living in your own lavish palace with exotic gems and jewels surrounding you?
Ahh…dreams, dreams and dream homes!
Well, I can’t help you with the palace or the gems, but I can suggest ideas for your home décor, to give it that regal opulence, at not so regal costs!

A simple yet effective way to jazz up the wow-quotient of your home is to use ‘jewel-tones’ in your décor.
Jewel tones are rich color tones which resemble well known gemstones, either precious or semi-precious. Some examples of jewel tones include sapphire blue, emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red, topaz yellow, sapphire blue, tourmaline green, and turquoise blue

In general, a jewel tone is very bold and it exemplifies the classic color associated with a particular gemstone. They have a jewel like brightness to them. For example, although sapphires come in a range of colors and saturations, sapphire blue is a very distinctive, rich, heavy blue.

You could use just a single color or a combination of contrasting jewel-tones like amethyst-purple and topaz-yellow.

Jewel tones in rich fabrics like velvet used around your home can render that distinctive plush look.

Since they are rich, full colors they create a vibrant and dynamic look to any space.

Using a jewel tone to do up an entire room may seem overwhelming, so use them along with neutral colors.

Also remember to pay adequate attention to lighting for these jewel-toned walls. For the darker tones like sapphire, ruby, amethyst etc. a good lighting will help highlight the color while poor lighting can make the room look dark!

If you are wary of using these tones in large areas, you could also use them in smaller areas like, an entrance lobby, a passage, powder rooms, bathrooms etc.

Let’s check out some ideas shall we?

Warm jewel tones on your walls and even ceilings will create a richness and opulence to any space. Team it with golden brown moldings and furniture and your royal suite is ready.

Instead of jewel tones for your walls you could also play around with accent pieces in jewel tones, like sofas, cushions, drapes, throws, armchairs, ottomans, pouffes, chandeliers, dining chair cushioning, headboards of beds, bed linen etc. while you keep the rest of the walls and furniture neutral.

A royal sapphire sofa or a plush emerald couch?

Another way of incorporating some opulence to your decor could be using just artifacts, crockery, baubles that are jewel-toned to create that awesome focal-point to your room.

Sapphire/amethyst framed Mirrors - Image credit
Delectable jewel-toned crockery - Image credit
And lastly, for those fortunate ones who have it all....go ahead, flaunt the real thing!

Blue Agate backsplash slab - Image credit

Drawer handles that draw attention - Image credit
So you see, by incorporating these amazing jewel-tones you can add sparkle and the element of grandeur to your decor!
You could use these colors for the entire walls or you could choose to add an accent piece or two in the jewel-tone while keeps the rest of the furnishings neutral....go do it with pizzazz! 
Don't be shy, go grand with jewel-tones!


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