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Monday 11 April 2016

Interior Designer: Why hire one?

Most of us dream of having designer homes, with customized interiors and of course with the ‘wow’ factor thrown in!
However it is a fact that very few folks take up the services of a professional Interior Designer to do up their homes, cost being the major barrier.
Still many more are not aware, what exactly is the contribution or role of the designer in doing up the interiors besides ‘prettying up the place’.

Let me first clarify:

Interior design is the art and science of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces within a building. 
Decoration is the furnishing or adorning of a space with fashionable or beautiful things. 
In short, Interior designers may decorate, but Interior decorators/Interior stylists do not design, they embellish already designed spaces.

Why hire an Interior Designer?

1) You have chipped in a good amount of money into a house and you are absolutely clueless on where or how to go about designing and decorating it to give it that desired sophistication.

2) You have a rough idea of what you want to do to your home but too busy to take time out, you need someone to execute your ideas and take charge.

3) You want to make your home stand out, be a showcase of your success and dreams.

If you tick any one of the above reasons, you need to consider getting an Interior designer for your home interiors.

How can an Interior Designer help you?

1) Save you money.

Contradictory to the most common belief that a designer will increase the cost of the project, hiring a professional will help you save money by helping you avoid costly mistakes especially with regards to structural aspects and vital services like electrical and plumbing that you would make because of your lack of knowledge and experience in the field.

2) Offer you a professional assessment yet create a personalized plan.

Of what needs or does not need to be done for the home in the initial planning stages. A trained professional brings in his knowledge and practicality that might otherwise escape your notice. An additional pair of eyes, trained ones at that, adds a whole lot of new perspective to the scene.
An ideal Interior Designer will take in all your thoughts and desires for your dream home into consideration and accordingly personalize/customize the plan to suit your needs.

3) Gives you an accurate expense estimate.
He will give you a decisive preview of the budget and the overall expense the project is likely to incur. On the other hand, if you are fixed around a budget, he can offer you services, products and finishes that will fit into your budget.

3) Smooth Flow and Co-ordination of work onsite.

Being from the said field, he will have better communication with the contractors, labor and material suppliers to ensure the plans are executed smoothly and correctly.

4) Wide Network and Resources.

The Interior designer will have a large pool of resources to dip into, be it for resources like building material, trained labor or finishing material suppliers and vendors. Many exclusive and latest products in fabrics/furnishings/finishes are available only to professionals in the field of Architecture and Interior Design. By hiring a pro you get access to them too!

5) Professional Approach.

The Interior designer uses the basic principles of design: scale and proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony. In addition they also pay attention to the elements of design: space, line, shape and mass, texture, light, color, and pattern. Considering all these aspects they expound their ideas to suit your space.
Projects are executed using state-of-the-art soft-wares for measuring, designing and planning 2D/3D views. The 3D views are especially very helpful for the clients to understand what is being planned, right from the layout to the color of the walls and texture of the upholstery that will be used.

6) The Wow Factor.

A designer is trained to think out of the box, trouble-shoot or innovate on a daily basis. Hence what he designs will have that X-factor that a regular person may not be able to come up with. He already has a full vision of the final act including colors, finishes, textures etc. even while the plaster is just setting in on the walls. He will be able to render your home the perfect blend of Functionality and Aesthetics.

A TIP FOR THOSE ON A TIGHT BUDGET: Try to get Design-Only services from a professional and do the execution bit yourself OR opt for the services of an Interior Stylist to add the glam quotient to already designated spaces!

Tempted aren’t you?
Well, go on ahead and check out an Interior Designer that suits you. 

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