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Saturday 2 April 2016

Bring in the outdoors

Have you experienced the invigorating feeling when you stepped out of your car and breathed in lungfuls of fresh sea breeze or mountain air on a holiday?
Our homes have a deep impact on our behavior and as a result on our health.
The restricted boundaries of the walls around us, unkempt cupboards, overflowing laundry baskets etc. trigger our stress response instead of the relaxation response one is supposed to experience at home.
The benefits of adding a little nature into our homes is a way of breathing in life, rejuvenating our senses, giving us a respite from our stressful life at work.

Bringing in the outdoors, does not only mean getting and filling our spaces with plants but creating an outdoorsy feel to the home.

Besides these benefits, having specific plants at home can change your fortunes for the better.
I am talking about Feng Shui here.

Read this wonderful article by a fellow blogger, Winston Gray who blogs at Sproutabl

Here are a few reasons why we must bring in the outdoors:

1. Plants in our homes improve the air quality.
2. Fresh flowers in homes bring in cheer and are mood-uplifting.
3. By actually growing and tending for what we eat, helps us connect to nature.
4. Getting in touch with nature actually is proven to increase creativity, increase energy and overall performance.
5. Just spending time looking at fresh plants helps recovery and healing.
6. Creating an outdoor atmosphere at home, automatically soothes the mind into a feel-good mode.
7. Incorporating nature in some or the other form around us, generates a feeling of a happy outdoorsy holiday. 

The question is how to go about it?
Well, obviously, surrounding yourself with plants is one of the ideas, but let us explore other ideas as well.

How to bring in the outdoors?
I have compiled a few tips and ideas to Bring in the Outdoors in the following video.
Do watch and enjoy!

Do let me know how you liked these ideas and share with me your thoughts on the same.

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