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Monday 4 April 2016

Color Capers around your Home

Ever wonder why some homes feel so cheerful, warm and vibrant while others may seem cool, casual and relaxed. It is all color-play I say!
Color is a powerful design tool that can make the rooms in your home feel more calm, cheerful, comfortable or dramatic.
Color makes a tiny room feel larger or a spacious one feel more intimate; without the time and expense of actually moving walls.
You can make a den feel cozy by painting the walls with a warm color, or make a narrow space feel wider by using different colors on opposing walls. 
The paint colors you choose, as well as the color of the furniture and accessories, all create a mood.

The colors of the room must be selected considering the lighting of the room, both during the day and the night.

There are colors that work for certain home styles, but don't be afraid to be creative.

Here are a few ideas to get the creative wheels turning:

1) Each color is unique and evokes a different feeling in us. Hence understanding the science of colors is an art in itself. Always remember, first plan your room, furniture, furnishings and then pick the color for the walls to go with all of the rest!
Explore Color on a Deeper Level: Click on each color to see what it represents!
Reference : Hgtv

2) When trying out new color ideas you are wary of, the best way to do it would be to try it out in small spaces like the powder room, closet, passage area etc. It would be easy on the time and money too! 

3) Don’t go overboard trying to match all the furniture, drapes, accessories etc. in room. In fact subtle differences in hues create a more sophisticated palette.

4) A room with all neutral hues makes for a pretty boring look. Adding contrasting colors adds personality and interest. However if you are picking dark hues for the walls, keep the furniture/furnishings of a neutral shade.
Stay away from stereotyping colors for rooms:
Like living rooms in beiges/browns, kitchens in whites, kids rooms in baby blues and pinks and bedrooms in greys or blues! boring!
Paint companies offer virtual tools and easy DIY ideas for virtually selecting shades and seeing it in your space. There are endless combinations and solutions in the world of colors!

Check out these unusual color combinations that work brilliantly:

If you are interested in understanding the basics of color schemes and combinations, you MUST VISIT THIS FABULOUS SITE: brandigirlblog

5) Overdoing the color theme is something you should avoid. You cannot have a living room in vibrant modern colors, a rustic look kitchen and a doll-house bedroom. 
The colors must come together in a continuous flow, the whole house has to make sense as one - harmonious transition from room to room.

These were but a few tips on how to make colors work for your home.  
The topic of colors being so vast, I have just skimmed the tip of the iceberg with colors pertaining to your walls here! I'll be discussing the impact of colors in future posts too, so stay tuned for more on colors!
Like I always say, how can people have favorites when it comes to colors, when there are endless hues to choose from.

Go on, play with colors and see your haven come alive!
Do share with me some of your color capers around your home! 



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