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Friday 1 April 2016

Asymmetrical Balance in Interiors

Look at the above image, what do you see? The two sides are not equal but still the overall system is balanced . This reflects harmony in imbalance! 
Interior design is all about balance. There is no fixed formula for getting the right balance with so many aspects in play...colors, textures, proportions, etc which affect the overall appeal of a space. Today I am taking up the aspect of Asymmetric balance, which I happen to favor!  

Asymmetrical Balance results from unequal visual weight on each side of the composition. One side of the composition might contain a dominant element, which could be balanced by a couple or more lesser focal points on the other side. One visually heavy element on one side might be balanced by a handful of lighter elements on the other. Asymmetrical balance is more dynamic and interesting. It evokes feelings of modernism, movement, energy and vitality. Asymmetrical balance offers more visual variety, although it can be more difficult to achieve because the relationships between elements are more complex.
Image Credit: smashingmagazine

Because it’s more interesting, asymmetry can be used to draw attention.
Lets see some images that exemplify the use of asymmetric design and balance to create some brilliant and harmonious results. 
Image Credit: lifehacker
Isn't this a visual treat? This has been created using the principle of asymmetric balance and using odd number of elements. The different elements, sizes, textures are tied together by co-ordinating colors and common elements wicker and glass!

Image Credit: thecooponline

The balance on this console is achieved without using matching elements. Since there is more visual weight in a solid lamp than in  a single candlestick, the designer has used a cluster of candles to make each side of the console appear to have similar weight. Now the console is balanced asymmetrically.

Image Credit: thecooponline

The highlight of the area is the wall décor behind the sofa with asymmetrically arranged pictures.

Image Credit: modenus

The above vignette will clear your doubts about the concept of Asymmetrical Balance. 
Spectacular isn't it, how different shapes, colors, sizes come together to create a symphony!

Image Credit: undecorate.tumblr
In the above image the painting on one side and the two lamps on the other are asymmetrical, but it balances out, because both lamps cause their width to be the same as the painting on the other side!

Let's take another quirky example of Asymmetrical balance:

Image Credit: crafthaus.ning
In the eclectic earring pair above, the use of the same stone on the right unifies it to the left. Repetition of the other materials also unifies the two elements though different in shape, sequence! (Not part of Interior decor....but I couldn't resist slipping this gorgeous pair in!)

Image Credit: Houzz
The asymmetry in this room works because it is balanced by the symmetry of the frames on the wall. The pendant light shares the same center-line as the round table and small vertical frame, flanked by the two larger frames. Everything else within this framework is asymmetrical. See how these chairs, while all different in design and color, work together.

Observe how different sizes and random arrangements of the pictures are unified via equi-spacing and similar frames. 

That's it from me about one of my favorite ideas for achieving 'The Look' for your home!

Why don't you try something new this time around? Asymmetry! 
Consider using a little bit of asymmetry in your next make-over project to achieve an asymmetric yet balanced feel to a vignette or space. 
Over and over you see a painting over a sofa, centered and perfect…well think again! In many cases, asymmetry is actually a cool, unique way to jazz up a room. Whether it is in an art arrangement or the placement of a rug, asymmetric groupings can liven your space up with their unique energy and visually interesting composition. 
A balanced end result can be achieved through textbook symmetry or unconventional asymmetry, so why not give asymmetry a try?

Happy Homes Begin With Perfectly Balanced Interiors!

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