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Thursday 24 March 2016

#AToZChallenge 2016 Theme Reveal time!

Jai Bajrangbali! Hallelujah! Talk about last minute decisions...I seem to be becoming a pro at them! 
Well folks, I am proud to present my theme for the #AToZChallenge April 2016 as:


“Home &Interiors”

(In brief the #AToZChallenge is a daily blogging challenge where you blog every day of the month except Sundays, based on a theme and corresponding to the sequential letters of the alphabet)
This theme should actually have been a no-brainer for me, but still I decided on it only a couple of days ago! You know how it is....when something is well within your reach, it is the last thing you will think of!

After pursuing a certified course in Interior Design and Decoration, I practiced for several years as an Interior Designer both with an architectural firm and as a free-lancer, primarily focusing on residential interiors.
Currently I have taken a backseat from active field work to devote my energies to home and also to explore and enjoy other passions like art and writing.

Join me on my journey through the month of April on an exciting roller-coaster ride of the A to Z Challenge as each day I take up a new topic relating to my theme of Home & Interiors.

I'll be sharing my insights, tips and tricks on various aspects of interiors, aesthetics and decor that will definitely help those on the lookout for ideas and hacks on the same.

The world of Interior Design and Creative ideas beckons you this April....

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