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Wednesday 20 June 2018

Plan your trendy kitchen #GFTR2018

'The Heart of the Home is the Kitchen' - Isn't this true? 
All you eat makes its way way from the hearth - the heart of the home, your kitchen
Since this is the place which is the source of so many happy memories and one that will create many more memories for you and your family, it makes a lot of sense to plan your dream kitchen well.

The Godrej Food trends Report 2018, is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date reports on upcoming and in-trend aspects from the Indian food scene. I decided to do this post as a part of the Godrej Food Trends 2018 Contest #GTFR2018 to share my views on some aspects of Trends in Kitchen Design which include the Kitchen layout, Cabinetry finishes and Kitchen accents

Trends in Kitchen Layouts

The Open Kitchen

The Open kitchen is an increasingly popular trend seen in modern and contemporary themed homes. It gives a modern look and enlarges the entire space if styled right.

Closed Kitchens

Most home-owners don't have an option to make structural changes to the home. A closed kitchen with a single entryway ensures privacy and restricts view of messes and spills common to kitchens. So this concept is still popular!

Best of both Worlds - Semi-Open Kitchen

The semi-open kitchen is a compromise, it cordons off the smells, messes and spills yet creates a feeling of space. So a semi-open kitchen works well giving you privacy as well as a sense of connection and openness. Personally, I love this layout!

Island Kitchens in either of the three above layouts are getting a thumbs-up too!

Trends in Cabinetry Finishes

Well, this a mind-boggling area with so many new upcoming products and finishes. 
Broadly speaking, you can choose finishes from High gloss, Matte and Semi gloss.

A kitchen's look and aesthetics however should not compromise with functionality and it should consider factors such as:
  • Kitchen is an area of high traffic 
  • Rough everyday usage
  • Moist conditions
  • High temperatures
Currently trending in the modern Indian kitchens is the contemporary look with minimum fuss and maintenance, concealed or in profile handles, soft-close doors and drawers, state of the art hardware in cabinetry. Open shelves are in too but make for tough maintenance.

1) The High -Gloss Look
A high gloss, sleek look with laquered/Acrylic lamination process treated commercial ply/marine ply shutters and particle board is the hot trend in kitchens now. Easy maintenance and durability make this a hot favorite. However, particle board tends to expand on exposure to moist conditions of the kitchen so I would not advise it. As for colors, you could go for single-toned neutrals like white, ivory, beige, all black or with wood grains. Or simply go bold with popular colors like wine-red and plum, dark colors look even better in this glossy finish.

2) The Metallic Look
Many folks are opting for the metallic look teamed with industrial grey concrete wall finishes to complement the steely look. If high gloss stainless steel bothers you, go in for brushed steel or aluminium. Better still gold, bronze metallic look works great against neutral walls and floors. Aluminium cabinetry can be in other colors too by anodizing treatments.

3) The Glass Effect
Back painted glass in aluminium frame is a trend many designers swear by. Glass has a super reflective property and lends high gloss, it is easy to clean and tough against stains, moisture and high temperatures. Further the glass can be customized with your preferred colors and even motifs and images.

Trends in Kitchen Accents

Gone are the days of multicolored kitchens. The current trend is veering towards monochromatic - cabinetry with single color, blending single tone with neutrals like natural wood or metal. Highlighting back-splash kitchen wall dado tiles are passe! ☹️
But don't let that dampen your colorful spirit! In fact by keeping the cabinetry, walls and floor neutral you get more chance to play with contrasting colors and textures! It's all about kitchen accents nowadays!

Add color and personality to your kitchen with these kitchen accents:

1) Plants, herbs, micro-greens, kitchen window planters are all the rage in kitchens today!

2) Colorful crockery and assorted nick-nacks - totally cool!

3) Paintings, family photographs, framed kiddie creations, DIY art, quirky wall decals, gallery walls - take your pick this season, but off course don't go overboard, because maintaining stuff in an Indian kitchen is not easy! 

4) Accent lights, like pendant lights, pull-down lights and concealed mood lighting add oodles of charm while the light play adds more warmth to the otherwise functional fluorescent white lights normally used in kitchens. While pendants look beautiful in island kitchens, they may be a nightmare to maintain.

I hope I got those wheels turning! Time for a kitchen makeover, no?
That's all for now folks! Till later, Happy Homes and Happy Decorating!

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