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Monday 20 January 2020

#DecorDialogues with Architect Siddharth Shirur

Hello lovely Home-Owners,

As promised, Relax-N-Rave is here with its brand new series - DECOR DIALOGUES! 
Presenting, rendezvous with interesting, creative and immensely talented individuals from the world of Decor - Architects, Interior Designers, Decor Stylists, Textile Designers, Artists, Product Designers and all those wonderful people associated with everything Home-N-Interiors!
Here you will get to know more about creative professionals, their trademark designs and projects, their peeves if you will 😜, their modus operandi and also great tips on emerging and in-trend design bytes.

It gives me immense pleasure and honor to host my very first guest on this series,

Architect Siddharth Shirur 

Architect Siddharth Shirur is an extremely dynamic, charismatic and versatile professional that I have personally had the good fortune of working with. 
He is a founding partner of Vistaar Architects & Planners and has been with the firm since the past 19 years. 
He completed his G.D. Arch from the reputed Academy of Architecture, Rachana Sansad, Mumbai (1996).
He has to his credit numerous projects in residential, commercial, educational, sports, industrial, institutional etc. fields. 

One of his great achievements is winning the First Prize in the Design Competition for the proposed National Tax Headquaters in New Delhi - Rajaswa Bhavan along with Design partners CSA Partners Ltd.

Proposed National Tax Headquarters -Rajaswa Bhawan, New Delhi

Some of his other projects of distinction,
Rajasthan Bhawan, Vashi

You can know more about Architect Siddharth Shirur and his work at,

Now, let's get a bit more well-acquainted with Arch. Siddharth Shirur, shall we? 

1) Tell us a little about yourself beyond your resume, maybe something about your personal background, family, hobbies, passion, quirks...

Sid Says: My wife calls me a 'multi-tasker', which probably I am. Whether that's a good trait to have or not, is a different question. Of course that goes with my varied interests apart from architecture, to name a few - reading, trekking, running and managing Lakshya Shooting Club founded by my wife, Suma Shirur (Olympian and Arjuna Awardee). 

2) What was your inspiration to take up your chosen career?

Sid Says: Well, in those days there was not much awareness about architecture as a profession. So my understanding of the profession was limited to Mumbai and its sights and sounds. And I had this creative streak in me that told me somehow that architecture was the right profession for me. I actually gave up my confirmed seat in Medical through an All India Entrance Exam, in favor of a seat in Architecture in the Academy of Architecture of Rachana Sansad, Mumbai.

3) Name one or more projects that you are proud of or that is close to your heart and why. 

Sid Says: Rajaswa Bhawan - The National Tax HQ in New Delhi is a design competition that my firm Vistaar Architects & Planners won in design partnership with CSA Partners. This project will remain special for me because it was a National level competition that saw 158 entries from all over India. Another project close to my heart is  a small farm house modern villa in Alibag for Mr & Mrs. Baljekar.

4) What would you say is your signature style – any particular design element/material?

Sid Says: I believe in responding to the context for every project as per the demands and needs of the project. But the underlying principle that guides my design process is - 'Simplicity in design and purity in materials used define a good building'. I strive to adhere to this principle; at times I am successful, at times I am not. 

5) How important do you consider it to be – an Architect/ Designer - Client relationship? Also tell us what would be your vision of an ideal client?

Sid Says: Hmm. If we only lived in a perfect world, there would be that perfect client - and that perfect architect! So let me put it this way; the day I become the perfect/ideal architect, that day I will deserve to have the perfect /ideal client. For now let me say that, I am my ideal client! Well, that would be a partial lie, as I did have 'near ideal clients' in the past who gave me considerable amount of freedom to design for them. But they have been few and far between. 

6) Do share some goof-ups, candid moments or anecdotes you may have encountered while you were doing a project.

Sid Says: Goof-ups? Looks like you want to embarrass me! But seriously, there are things that may happen on site at times, that are completely out of your control and you are left wondering!!

7) Please share some insights on some latest design trends in the home décor scene.

Sid Says: I think a design process can only be eternal, and not latest or outdated. Of course, materials come and go. Also as newer lifestyles demand newer thought processes and a design trend, or rather, a material trend that responds well to the current scenario, and that has environmental benefits should be the material an architect should look for to use in their scheme of things. I am excited to see the resurgence of decent quality marble mosaic flooring  making a comeback in the market to give you one such current trend that has caught my attention of late. 

And now it's time for some...

🔥 Rapid Fire 🔥

1) Favorite color: Black

2) Favorite designer/architect: Luigi Snozzi

3) Favorite artist/musician: A R Rahman

4) Favorite book: Annihilation of Caste by Dr. B R Ambedkar

5) Favorite movie: Pyasa

6) Favorite food: Maa ke haath ka khana

7) Favorite holiday destination: The Himalayas

I am sure you folks enjoyed this tête-a-tête with our esteemed guest for his unique flair and insightful responses. 
I am extremely delighted to have hosted Arch. Siddharth Shirur on DECOR DIALOGUES and I wish him the very best in all his endeavors!

You can know more about Architect Siddharth Shirur and his work at,

Stay tuned to the Home-N-Interiors Page on RelaxN-Rave to meet more such talented and creative personalities from the world of Architecture and Interior Design.

Till later,

Beautiful homes, Happy Homes! 

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