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Wednesday 20 September 2017

Breathe Pure, Live Healthy, the royale ATMOS way

Hey folks,

I found the easy way to stay healthy! 
You just gotta breathe pure!
Not so simple you say? I disagree!
Oh, you will agree too, once you see this video! the video in full screen mode please!

You could read all that's on the video, right here too!

"Story, story, we want story!" chanted the two children. "Yes, yes, hold it munchkins, coming," Nina called out from the kitchen.

The bedtime routine was never complete without a story. "Achoo!" sneezed Neel followed by Varun's  sporadic cough. 'Oh dear, are these two coming down with a bout of something again?' thought Nina as she walked into their room.

It didn't help that she took every imaginable care to help protect them from repeatedly falling sick. Hand sanitizers, immunity boosting vitamins, fresh nutritious home-cooked meals, ginger-lemon drinks morning and evening...sigh nothing seemed to be helping.

She observed closely to see how they were doing. Neel's face looked flushed and Varun was coughing every few minutes. She narrated a little story to appease them and soon tucked them in.

Worriedly she went to her room and absently switched on the TV. Her favorite actress Deepika Padukone was on screen. But why was she wearing a mask? As the commercial progressed, something clicked in Nina's mind.


She realized she'd been battling an enemy, invisible and unacknowledged. 
An enemy within the very premises of her home
A home that she was so proud of, one she kept spankingly clean. 
Humph! Going by what she'd seen, she wondered what was the logic of all that cleaning if the disease-mongers were living in the very furniture and walls!

She decided to dig further on Google about 'Indoor pollutants'. 
As usual umpteen results popped up! 
She went from one lead to another. What she read left her dazed! How come she never knew this?

Her new found research informed her that,

The air inside your home can be 5 TIMES more polluted than outside.

Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC's are emitted from a number of sources within homes. Household furniture made of particle board, MDF, adhesives, varnishes, air freshners, aerosol sprays, paints, vinyl floor coverings, cleaning liquids etc release gases like formaldehyde, benzene, vinyl chloride among several others which cause various health and skin problems and long term exposure to them can be carcinogenic.

Molds that thrive on moist walls, inside Air Conditioning units, in bedding upholstery can produce mycotoxins that can be powerful triggers to allergies and respiratory problems.

Her mind boggled as she read of possible indoor pollutants like Lead, Radon, Nitrogen dioxide, Asbestos and more.

All this was in addition to the pollution that came in through the windows from the outside world. That included particulate matter like dust, smoke, effluents containing harmful gases like Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide and God knows what not!

No wonder, her family fell sick so frequently! She cringed inwardly thinking of the violent asthma attack her mother had encountered when she'd stayed at their place.

What to do, what to do? Obviously she couldn't throw away everything in the house! Nor could they wear protective masks inside the house all through!

It was 9.30 p.m. Nik entered home to find Nina engrossed on the laptop. 
She told him she knew the reason for their family's bouts of sickness and briefed him on the ad she'd seen on T.V.  She felt that the first step towards making their home a healthy place was to be go in for Asian Paints' new paint, Atmos especially with the festive days just around the corner.

Royale Atmos 
A paint with so many laudable features, they observed as they went through the product details on the Asian Paints website.

The paint has Activated Carbon technology which helps neutralize harmful molecules of common indoor pollutant formaldehyde. 

"Nina, it says here in the FAQ's that Atmos will continue to reduce formaldehyde in the indoor air for upto two years post application!"

Nik was further impressed as he read, How Asian Paints tested the efficacy of Royal Atmos. Practical testing of a product was very important after all, and this third party testing had revealed an 85% drop in formaldehyde concentrations after use of Atmos.

Besides removing formaldehyde, Atmos also reduces Malodour causing gases of Nicotine, Hydrogen sulphide and Ammonia that emanate from cigarettes, rotten eggs, garlic etc. 

"Oh that is simply wonderful!" Nina exclaimed, "A paint that absorbs bad smells!"

Atmos emits a soothing fragrance of its own instead of the usual paint smell.

"Wow! That is something!" Nik exclaimed as he hated the typical smell of paint.

There was a helpful video too,

She researched some more and came up with more solutions for her problem, besides this one solution that was firmly etched in her mind.

To improve the Indoor Air Quality she could,

Minimize chemical pollutants by consciously reading labels of products to see if they are certified free of VOC, especially paints, polishes and avoid strong smelling cleaning products. Stop buying furniture made of particle wood or MDF.

Keep the home clean. Regularly clean or change mattresses and pillows. 
Vacuum sofas and carpets. Clean the filters of air conditioning units.

                                                                   Image source: Liveinthenow

Air purifying plants such as 1. Bamboo palm, 2. Snake plant, 3. Areca palm, 4. Spider plant 5.Peace Lily, , 6. Gerbera Daisy, Dracaena, Chrysanthemum, Aloe vera improve the air quality by absorbing harmful gases like formaldehyde and ammonia besides releasing fresh oxygen.
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Keeping the house well ventilated and keeping humidity at bay keeps the microbial growth in check.

Oh what a relief! She was getting a hang of how to go about solving the problem of indoor pollution! She was indeed thankful to the chance viewing of the Asian Paints Atmos ad, that had triggered all this knowledge-seeking! 

This festive season, she vowed she'd have a home that would be truly beautiful, healthy and free of harmful pollutants!

So dear friends, what are you waiting for? 
Start your pre-festive home-improvement spree now and ensure the health of your loved ones! 

Breathe Pure, 
Live Healthy,
 the royale ATMOS way!

Image sources: Asian paints, Pixabay
References: Asian paints, Wikipedia, WebMD, EPA

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