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Wednesday 9 August 2017

You've got Mail

Hello young lady,

Yes, I am certainly addressing you! A few grey hair (okay many), aching limbs and you think you qualify as old? Pshaw...what rubbish! The action's just begun, wait till you get here! You are wondering who I am? I am your time-traveling future self. They have rules that bar the past-present-future selves coming face to face but they aren't too strict about this kind of communication. I had Siri take down this mail, she is so annoying, you won't believe it...prompting this, checking my pronunciation, damn assistant. How I miss writing on a writing pad, you still have those, I believe?

I've been observing you over the last couple of years and frankly I am fed up of your constant complaints. Oh, yes, I've been keeping a watch on you, not much to do with my time at this age. You don't know what I am talking about? I have a complete list of what you crib where did that darn assistant save that list! Aha, here it is. Here goes:

How you have no time for yourself.
How your husband isn't as romantic as he used to be.
How everyone wants everything on time and no one cares how hard you work to get that done or how well you do it. 
How you are the only person who knows where everything from the safety-pin, to the football to the ironing board is kept.
How no one compliments you on the timely, tasty food you cook but complain when something is amiss.
How difficult it is to stay calm and patient with growing children and ageing parents.
How aggravating it is to have to listen to friends boast about their accomplishments or their children's.
How you aren't as light-footed as you used to be.
How tiring it is to go through the same routine day in and day out.

My, my, you sure have a long list of complaints.
Well, my dear I cannot take away your problems but I can make them seem trivial.
You know how? I'll share my current status:

I have all the time in the world, all by myself and nothing to do.
My husband is no longer in this world and all I have are fond memories.
I wish I could make something for someone, wish I could work so hard and be so tired that I would sleep soundly.
I don't remember where I kept what, sometimes I forget my children's names.
I cannot cook now and when I eat tasty food, I remember to be thankful and compliment the cook.
My children have long flown the nest and my parents are no more.
Friends only talk of their ailments or the neglect their children treat them to.
I have a full-time nurse who transports me around the elderly-care home on a wheel-chair.
I know I don't have much time left. I am just glad to make it through each day and thankful for having made it to the night.

Now tell me, what do you think? 
Don't you feel better about the time and space you are in? Aren't you happy to be busy, healthy, wanted and surrounded by all your loved ones?
Your life may not be perfect, but  believe that it is the best time of your life and it will be.
Are you wondering if I'll be back with more such mails? Sadly, everyone gets just one chance at this kind of communication. I chose mine on my last day in this world. So you won't be hearing again from me but I'll always be watching you, as your conscience.

Love always,

Your older self.

That will be all Siri.  


WOW prompt, tell us what is that one advice you would give to your younger self.
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