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Sunday 6 August 2017

My Treasures Dear

My Treasures Dear

Hark, he who touches my treasures dear.
A chest so dear, I keep it quite near.

Precious gems and jewellery it holds nary,
Pebbles and shells from old travels it holds sundry.

Documents of wealth, held at bay,
Old letters of love, always here to stay.

Images of Gods and great men abide elsewhere, 
Albums of happy memories reside right here.

Embroideries of satin and lace, it hoards not,
Dainty smocks of the first-born, it throws not.

Music of maestros hold not a chance here,
Recordings of my baby's babble rule clear.

Awards and trophies dwell on shelves high,
Scribbles and handmade gifts ensconced here lie.

Books that made me wiser are here not,
Ones that made me smile are in the lot.

A chest so dear, I keep it near,
Hark, he who touches my treasures dear.

 Copyright © 2017 KALA RAVI

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 a week long blog marathon based on prompts, hosted by The Write Tribe. 
It is Day #1 of the Festival of Words and today's prompt is: Write about a treasure you have.