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Friday 2 December 2016

TANSTAAFL - My guest post

Hello folks,

Have you heard of the acronym TANSTAAFL? I am sure you have.
It stands for: There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

  Image credit: Pixabay

All through life and at death too you’ll experience this.
Think of the free lunches you’ve received so far and count them as your blessings, there are not too many of those going around!
I thank the lovely Novemberschild for having me over to guest post on her wonderful blog.
Thanks and stay blessed all of you!

Read my poem TANSTAAFL at Novemberschild 


 Billy, for you a cupcake
My mom today did bake.
I wish someone would help me,
This math is way beyond me.

Billy, I'll get the pizza hot,
Just wait a spot.
I wish I could drive my date,
Your car please my mate.

Billy, let me kiss you dear,
I love when you are near.
I wish I had a necklace in agate,
To wear on our next date.

Billy, I'll sort your excel sheet,
It’s sure to take a beat.
I wish I could take off today,
On a week long holiday.

Billy, I'll get your tea dear,
Buttery scones and pear.
I wish I could get a new car,
Mine's just not at par.

Billy pa, I’ll clean the attic,
Make it go all slick.
I wish I could go on a world trip,
You see if I don’t, I’ll flip.

Billy, sir I'll tidy your room,
It's in such a gloom.
I wish I had your new coat,
Old man you'll soon be on your boat.

Billy, I'll take you across,
Smoothly shall you pass.
A coin I will take,
For the last journey you'll ever make.

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