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Wednesday 30 November 2016

The story of how I write - A Guest post

Hello folks,

It's a new milestone for Relax-N-Rave as it has its first visit by a guest blogger! Thrilled and super happy to have here my dear friend and blogbuddy, super talented blogger, beautiful singer, amazing anchor, crazy bibliophile and a lovely person Reema D'souza

Reema has penned this wonderful poem for Relax-N-Rave.

The story of how I write
I have this feeling that I want to write,
To weave those words together,
In a way that feels right.

But do I write about the weather?
Or about that weird dream I had?
Or should write something to make you feel better?

Maybe I'll write something that makes people feel glad,
Or wait what about that funny story I wanted to say,
But when I finally try to write I feel I am going mad!

This goes on for more than a day,
And I pull my hair,
"Help me write", I pray!

Into the distance I stare,
Looking for the words to come out of hiding,
From the demon writer block's lair!

I struggle to make the words do my biding,
Though the ideas in my head are ready to burst,
It is like my mind with itself is fighting!

I finally write like it is my first,
Feeling relieved, yet horrible at the same time,
For the fear that it is my worst! 

Image credit: Pixabay

My Blogbuddy Team #WriteOn @Blogchatter has taken up, #BlogForward - A guest post chain initiative. Reema is doing a guest post for my blog, while I’ll be doing one for @romspeaks

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