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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Window treatment: Curtains

So you have all your furniture in place and all that remains is to pick the right treatment for your windows! Sounds easy right? It is, if you have a perfect vision of what you want, to suit the room's requirement of privacy, heat/light protection and also to boost its aesthetics.
I'll be discussing a window treatment that is traditional yet eternally classic in style:


Curtains or drapes are the most traditional type of window treatment. The beauty of fabric draped in long lengths with perfect stitching is unparalleled in class!
Curtains can be Day-curtains that are sheer, translucent to let in sufficient daylight into the home besides giving privacy and rendering a delicate look.
Night curtains or block-out curtains are of heavier material with backing material to provide heat protection during the day and light-protection and privacy during the night.
A room needs a combination of both types. 
You could place them either way, that is sheer in the front and black-out curtains in the back or vice -versa depending on how much protection from direct sunlight is required for that window.

There are different kinds of stitches and patterns for curtains that you can select from.

The fabric in a particular stitched pattern is then mounted with rings onto rods.
Curtain rods and ends you select for the curtains could be the decorative type where they remain exposed. You could also have decorative rods with built in corded tracks.

The other type of curtain hanging system is the track system

Curtain tracks are rails with gliders or runners on them. You attach your curtains to the gliders and open or close them by drawing the curtains aside directly or via optional cords connected to a simple pulley mechanism. Tracks can be made of flexible or rigid material but in both cases, you fix them firmly in place with screws. 

Curtain tracks give a curtain a definite glide, which helps it stay "on track" and it is a definite feature that many people like. Curtains rarely need yanking to make them comply. They travel smoothly as they are transported on an integrated system designed for the purpose, whether corded or not. 

Wall-fit is the most common method of installation for tracks. Wall-fit brackets can be installed on to any flush, solid surface such as a wall or a window frame.

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If you are installing your curtains in to a window reveal or in to a recess in the ceiling, you may like to consider ceiling-fit.  

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Ceiling fit creates a flush floor-to-ceiling curtain which is modern, sleek and accentuates the height of the ceiling for a dramatic effect.

Fittings in this system include metal/plastic tracks, corded tracks, bendable tracks for bay windows, double curtain tracks etc. 
For more on curtain track hardware: Poles & Blinds

Curtain-Automation is another aspect which is currently trending. These systems can be remote operated or integrated with your phones/I-Pads too! However these systems need advance planning for installation of the mechanism and electrical aspects as well as concealing them.

In order to conceal the rods or tracks, pelmets or valances may be employed or they may be concealed by the false-ceiling treatment. Currently curtain box valances upholstered in contrasting fabrics is in vogue.

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Some other kinds of decorative valances.
Some tips to consider while hanging curtains:

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1) The curtain length should not be too long, too short. The curtain should ideally be just an inch off the floor for a full height window and for half window it should fall at least 12" below the window.
2) The curtain rod should be long enough. The curtain rod should extend at least 6" on either side of the window.
3) The curtain rod can be fixed about 6" above the window to give it a taller feel.
4) Select colors that either go with your decor or add contrasts and set a theme with your curtain. Read more about Colors HERE and Fabrics HERE.

Selecting the right curtains for your home can really uplift the mood and enhance the beauty of the home.
So ensure you spend  sufficient time before selecting the right one to go with your decor and not just buy one as an afterthought!




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