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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Vanity Fair - Wardrobes for your Home

A Wardrobe, Closet or a Clothes Cupboard call it what you choose, is essentially the haven for all your clothing, accessories, vanity and what-nots!
Planning a wardrobe is very important so as to accommodate all your clothing/vanity essentials in an organized manner for easy scanning, storing and retrieving.

Walk-In wardrobes  or open-closet systems are currently trending, however constraints of space restrict use of these to only larger spaces.
A wardrobe may also double up as a vanity cum dressing unit.
Planning your wardrobe design is important as this is one space you can never have enough of!
Depending on your requirement, wardrobes may be Wall-to-Wall - running the entire length and height of a wall or Stand-Alone wardrobes.

In case of Stand-Alone wardrobes like above, it makes no sense to leave the space above the wardrobe empty, it will just get dusty or dumped with unsightly stuff that may do well to be concealed. So either consider lofts above wardrobes or you could have shutters that are floor-ceiling giving the entire room a taller perspective in the bargain!

Some points to consider while planning your Wardrobe Design:

1) Plan your requirement:
Carefully assess your current possessions that will be proceeding to the new quarters, declutter where possible.
Analyze whether you want more space for hanging or folded clothes. 
Do you need a separate space for footwear?

What kind of accessories will you be storing - ties, scarves, belts, hats, handbags etc.

2) Design a partition layout:
Based on your requirements, do a rough sketch of your plan with partitions and shelves. 

The wardrobe standard depth may be upto a maximum of 2' and height of 6'6". 

The space above 6' 6" in the wardrobe can be utilized for storing suitcases/winter wear etc. as a separate loft area with separate identity or it may be along with the main wardrobe as one tall floor to ceiling unit.

You could decide to have a full panel - one piece shutter with drawers inside or you could select part panel and exposed drawers as per your requirement.
Image source:
Check the minimum required height for hanging a folded pant, shirt, dress, gown while giving a clearance of atleast 3" above the hanging rod. Consider the convenient height for ease of accessibility. Anything above your arm's reach while standing can be considered beyond comfortable access - on an average storage for regular access should be below 6'.

In case of folded/ironed clothes, physically check the length and width of the item and decide whether you can have two or more rows of such folded items.

Plan to have drawers for folded clothes where possible as they are more comfortable in operation than craning and peering into the back recesses of shelves!

Having flexible or removable shelves to adjust as per need is a good option.

Research the various wardrobe and drawer organizing hardware and accessories available in the market, they help save space and offer better organization and convenience. 

Wardrobe fittings and accessories from Hafele and Hettich

Slide out mirror - Image source

 Handbag/Purse storage - Image source:

Decide whether you want a 2/3/4 or more door wardrobe and what kind of shutters you want - standard shutters, sliding, or bi-fold based on the span available for comfortably opening and operating.

Hardware for shutters can be selected as per requirement and budget- soft/regular close.

Image source:
For sliding shutters, top-line or inline systems can be selected (where the sliding hardware is on the top or the bottom).
Image source:

You could have mirrors on one or more shutters to double up as your dresser or just as a decorative panel on the shutter.

3) Personalize it: Add your personal touch to the wardrobe by selecting hardware and organizers specific to your needs. 

Printed laminate shutters - Image source:
Aluminium profile doors with frosted glass shutters
Back-painted glass shutter-Image source:
Aluminium profile with glossy acrylic laminate shutter - Image source:
Bi-fold shutters to save space - Image source:
The shutters could be in laminates/veneers/frosted glass/mirrors/Aluminum profile/wall-papered/back-painted glass/acrylic laminated etc. in colors and designs of of your choice. 
Adding door-open sensor lights within the wardrobe are very helpful. 
Handles can be selected as profile/concealed or external to suit the design.

For additional storage, some pretty smart ideas for making the most out of your wardrobe door backs! You could fix hangers or slim shelves to store and hang items for quick access!

Well, that's about all I can think about for wardrobes. Do share with with me how you liked these tips in the comments section.

Happy Decorating till later!

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