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Friday 15 April 2016

Mirror Magic at Home

Mirrors are beautiful, timeless and versatile accessories for your homes. 
They can add that angle of subtle sophistication, elegance, opulence or intrigue depending on your need.
They can be used in more ways than the standard dressing/shaving looking-glass mirror way!
Let me take you through some ways to put mirrors to manifold use in your home.

1) To create the illusion of space and depth:
Mirrors can visually increase the space and depth of any space. Use mirrors at the end of passage and make it seem to go on a long way! Use mirrors to increase the size of a small room or increase that of a large one!

2) To reflect select views and act as an Art piece themselves:
By cleverly placing mirrors on walls they can be made to reflect views and colors from art, something else on the adjacent walls or even views from adjoining windows to create an altogether different wall-art!

3) Place them right:
You could place mirrors in unexpected places to create that surprise element in your home. Placing them next to the entrance door adds interest to visitor not expecting it and also serves as a last minute check before leaving the home. In passages to make them seem wider.

4) They can make act as Invisibility Cloaks: Make things disappear!
You can make entrance doors, passage doors , wardrobes doors disappear by using floor to ceiling mirrors. Conceal unwanted spaces or storage by using mirrors.

5) To reflect light:
Use mirrors in rooms lacking natural light where they can create a greater impact. Use extra large mirrors in a dining room with muted candle-light which will get reflected to create a warm, inviting and elegant look. In poorly lit, small bathrooms use large mirrors to increase light reflection and also increase its size perception.

6) Mirrors can add opulence to a space:
Mirrors have been used since ages in spaces to great an air of grandeur and opulence combined with the right light setting and furnishing.
7) Mirror Art
You can never have too many mirrors in your home!
Try something new: Hang multiple mirrors on the same wall, different shapes of mirrors and different frames. 

For many of you folks who follow Feng Shui or Vastu-shastra, I have these links for you to go through before you decide where to put your mirrors:

Go on folks, try out some Mirror Magic and see how they transform your space!

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