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Sunday 11 April 2021

The Sky does Fall!

If someone told me the whole world would come crashing down someday soon, I'd tell them to stop being such a doom-monger! Little did I expect anything like that to happen, like literally the ceiling come crashing all over me! For something to happen, you need not step out. It can happen right inside your house. So much for staying safe at home!

Here I am folks, nearly four months down the year making my first appearance. The year 2021 that started off on a promising note, of hopefully being more productive and fulfilling than the year 2020, hasn't lived up to its expectations for me.

The lockdown of 2020 has brought out this hitherto hidden OCD in me, one that obsesses over dust and dusting. On one such regular OCD beat, I was out with my arme de choix, the vacuum cleaner, scouting the den, our family room. I saw the floor had clumps of plaster and dust from the ceiling. I looked up at the ceiling and observing the fine cracks, mentally noted that it was time to get the home repairs up and about, that had been long-postponed because of what-everyone-knows-and-is-fed-up-of. 

My son sitting in the adjoining room was about to enter the den. He looked up at the ceiling and screamed out a warning to me. I was inside and in the middle of the room and before I could even try to react, the whole blasted ceiling comprising of large heavy RCC chunks and plaster came crashing down on me! Ageing buildings with weakened structure and poor timing are not a great combination. Who ya gonna blame? You just brush/lift off the heavy weight, lick your wounds and curse the builder who cannot be pinned to this mishap!

Cutting some long and rather depressing travails short, I'll move on to say I was diagnosed with a lisfranc injury requiring surgery, besides a couple of tiny fractures in the same foot. I had minor scrapes, cuts and bruises all over the body that hurt like hell but no lasting marks to show for them. 

By some miracle or the countless blessings of loved ones or just plain freak luck, I'd escaped the direst of consequences with merely this fancy-sounding injury that would take a couple months immobilization in a foot cast and another couple in rehabilitation. 

Now, three months from the day of my accident, I am finally emerging from self-exile. The bizarre accident managed to unscramble me in totally unexpected ways. For days, I was focused on the pain of the injury, then post-operative pain. The pain meds didn't really work for me. My long time problem of insomnia went on an overdrive with anxiety and panic attacks thrown in for variety. I became incapable of enduring conversations or concentrating on anything. The ring of the phone, the drone of television or even reading gave me panic attacks. My mind totally deplored the idea of company and conversation even with loved ones. It sought refuge in solitude, quiet and nothingness which I somehow comprehended was what it needed to heal from the trauma. I resisted the idea of taking medications for the problem and instead sought out every possible alternative resource like deep breathing, relaxation, sleep meditation techniques that the internet offered. 

Eventually, I don't know what really worked, but my body and mind slowly came to be at peace with each other. I can now walk without any support, albeit with a limp and I best I can or did! 

I don't know why I am even writing this post. Maybe burying the experience through words is cathartic. Maybe it gives me some sense of closure to the nightmare that these past few months have been. 

For a person who's escaped an entire childhood and better part of adulthood without the smallest of scrapes or scars, I now boast of one wicked-looking scar on my foot! I have a better understanding of the power of the human mind, the strength of prayers, the kindness, goodwill, love, support, encouragement and patience of family and friends that helped me tide over this difficult time. Gratitude for all the silver linings, that is something I'll never again take for granted! Tough times make you appreciative of the smaller things that make life so much more beautiful. 

All the same, I'll remain wary of ceilings for'll take some time getting used to the idea that they're here to stay and protect!😰😰 That Chief Vitalstatistix sure knew what he was going on about! 

That's all from me for now, dear folks.

Stay safe....wherever you are and stay blessed and loved always!


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