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Monday 25 December 2017

#UnwrapChristmas My way!

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Hey there folks, I am celebrating the spirit of Christmas with the #UnwrapChristmas blogpost chain.
I am thankful to the lovely Manisha Garg for passing on the baton of spreading Christmas joy and spirit to me.

Of the many things I've been upto through all these years of celebrating Christmas is, learning the longer version of Jingle Bells, yes, I really did learn it! And what d'you know? I even directed a Christmas play starring kids from 5-10 years old! Here you go,

Now about Christmas this year.
My maid (the new one, probably the 25th one - if you haven't read my Bai Saga series, you should!) walks through the living room into the kitchen with a puzzled look. She goes back to the living room to check if Hanumanji is still on the console table and next looks at the decked up Christmas tree alongside. I am chuckling away quietly, working on my laptop and surreptitiously observing her confusion. Finally she cannot hold back her curiosity. "Didi, aap Christmas manate ho (you celebrate Christmas)?" 

Nodding my head, I look up from the laptop, "Haan, mai Christmas manati hoon aur har saal Ganpati bappa mere ghar bhi aate hain (Yes, I celebrate Christmas and every year Lord Ganesha visits my home too)!"
Some people find it puzzling and unthinkable that those of one faith celebrate the festival of another faith. 
Having studied in a convent school, Christmas celebrations are probably ingrained in me. Christmas at my home is more of a festive, year-end, feel good celebration, with playing Santa being the major draw for me when the kids were younger. 

So here I am, chopping and mixing in the dryfruits and nuts for the Christmas cake, swapping the traditional recipe for an eggless version, and beside it simmers a pan of 'Vatha kozhambu' (a ubiquitously south-Indian recipe). Yeah, a confusing clash of aromas and tastes you will agree! What to do, we are like that wonly!

As I look back at the year that went by, I am glad that I didn't totally mess it up! I am thankful to the blogging world through which I have made some really lovely friends and this Christmas it feels all the more special, thanks to the lovely gifts from my Secret Santas!
Gifts from my lovely Secret Santas!

A sad realization dawns on me that Christmas may not hold the same attraction for me in the coming year as one of my chicks leaves the nest for studies abroad. 
All the same, I am glad that we are here together today, unwrapping gifts, rejoicing over the surprises, beaming proudly at the DIY Christmas tree with its handmade ornaments, the lovely table setting that we did together, while munching on a nearly perfect Christmas cake!  

Wishing all my dear friends a very happy festive season. 
Peace, joy and good health be with you and yours!

I now invite the good doctor Roshan Radhakrishnan to carry forth the Christmas cheer.

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