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Tuesday 12 December 2017

The Void

When you start typing cluelessly on the keyboard wondering if you have anything left to tell, any story, any experience that you have not already ranted and raved about. Then you look upto the screen and are surprised to see, the nothingness has evolved into the semblance of a mini rant, so you plod on, filling up the empty space with words from an uninspired mind.

You wonder casually, why would anyone want to read something which never was supposed to see the light of day, something that would have done better to stay unseen in the recesses of a personal diary. You smile evilly, those are the perks of being a blogger! 
Your rants about everything to absolutely nothing have an audience, of like-minded individuals. Each waiting to launch his verbal diarrhea on unsuspecting, mandatory audiences. 
Yes, you guessed right, it is time for revenge! 😈

Here I am at a loss of words, still I decided I would put up a blogpost with virtually no content. At least I am being honest, aren't I?
Hmm, so what does the void mind want to rant about? 


What does the void mind want to say? 
The cleaning spree from today's morn,
The maid mania from everyday,
The bliss of domesticity,
The travails of corporate life,
The sweaty tussles of the local train,
The bustling buzzes from the grocery market,
The hectic toddler chase, 
The blistering argument with the teen,
The reminiscent adventures of childhood,
The recent escapade to the moon and beyond,
The tirade on the better half,
The blush of the last romance,
The wisdom of years,
The folly of words,
Oh what will it be, what will it be?
The mind was void you said?
The void mind that refuses to stay still,
The one that flits and floats,
That refuses to lay anchor,
That fails to acknowledge,
That some things are better left unsaid!

Till later folks, when Relax-N-Rave has something better than THIS up its sleeve!
Sorry for this infliction!

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