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Monday 7 August 2017

A Land Far Away

It's Day #3 of The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6.
Today's prompt is: Feature a map and write about a place either real or virtual.

For today's prompt I am putting up an excerpt of a Work-In-Progress in the Fantasy-Fiction genre, taking you away to A Land Far Away.
Do share your thoughts in the comments below, would love to hear!

 The World of Mrucula
Mrucula: A tiny planet roughly 1/4th the size of Earth and about 25,000 light-years away from Earth. The solid rock-like terrain called stein comprising 30% of the planet is mostly flat, with occasional gentle slopes. More than 50% of the planet is covered with joal and the remaining 20% the deljels. The atmosphere comprises of gases whose composition is not anything we know of or can compare with. The temperatures here range from a pleasant (to the natives) -10°C to a not so pleasant -50°C. When temperatures cross the -50°C mark, a robust volcanic burst from the deljels brings the temperature in order. (Other topographical stuff will be added as and when relevant, too much geography never is fun!)

The six continents on Mrucula are Jabr, Milon,Vaaze, Boyso, Kevli and Zaro.

Life-forms on Mrucula include Bibos, Pastus, Brids, Jaqs, Dolospins, Spraskys, etc. (Again let’s deal with a few weirdoes at a time!)
The deljels also have inhabitants, mainly exiled ones, and details of the inhabitants or anything deljel comes under classified information.

Joal: This bubbly pink liquid covers most of the planet. It flows as gentle rivers culminating into mighty oceans. Visually appealing fountains in multicolored-hues dot the shores. A harmless liquid, rather pleasant to taste, it is occasionally used by Bibos in dire need of a recharge to their core and more frequently used as a medium to buoy parties. Joal constitutes the major ingredient for a popular adult beverage Cha.

Stein: The stein is the terra-firma where most of the evolved civilization of the planet lives. Deep underneath the hard surface lies the soft driti. Most of the vegetation consists of blue tufts of grasse. Occasional vrikas in multicolor are seen.
Driti: This yellow-gold colored sand like material found a few meters below the surface of the stein has tremendous power. It supplies the daily charge required for the functioning of all Bibos. Once found abundantly it suddenly vanished from the face of the planet; only sparse deposits are now found in the treacherous deljels.

Grasse: The most commonly occurring vegetation on Mrucula is grasse, which is light blue furry and veeerry soooffft! Always very considerate on the rears of clumsy Bibos having falls. The grasse is dotted with clumps of blue bushes bearing colorful mogr or flowers with a lovely scent. 

Vrika: Very pretty Bonsai-like vegetation found occasionally on the steins, about ½ a meter in height in varied hues. They are motile and temperamental in nature. Many of them are poisonous and hostile but some make good nannies and sometimes excellent pets! 

Deljels: Deljels and treacherous go hand in hand! Home to the condemned and exiled. These slimy, jelly-like crimson bogs have a lovely hwaishi berry-like fragrance that lures all creatures to it. Once one steps into them, they are sucked in to who-knows-where?! No one who’s slipped into the deljels has returned to tell the tale! Life-forms native to deljels are equally scary. Deljels have lately become important as they contain the last known reserves of driti.

Goala: This ball of orange scanty heat and light known after its operator Goalashir, serves as the main source of illumination on Mrucula. Though a free service provider, Goalashir is pretty eccentric about the quality of service he provides. The Goala’s rising, setting and brightness is rather annoying for the inhabitants to depend on. Researchers are looking at alternate paid light sources like Byors and Fuscha who have offered to provide the same services with lesser idiosyncratic behavior! 

Losse Faire Orgo: This single organization allows things to proceed of their own accord on the planet. No elections to win here, as there is only one contesting party here, headed by the ambitious Tinemein and his wife Deira. 99% of the population is politically disinterested; and so yes things are pretty peaceful here! You want new roads, just contact the particular service provider and he does the needful. The LFO guys as they are known, are mainly in charge of drafting territorial boundaries, population expansion & control, media information and broadcasting, dealing with matters such as driti shortage, deljel tantrums, Goala eccentricities, inter-galactic relations, planet security and other issues and rules which Mruculans couldn’t care less about! 

Hanimn: He is the legendary warrior who led the Mruculan army that overpowered the beasts of the deljels in the Red War when they threatened to overpower the entire nation and become rulers. After the war Hanimn ensured the nation was secure and appointing Tinemein as the head, he and a handful of his most trusted aides just disappeared into the deljels. 

Bibos: Biped intelligent life-forms of Mrucula.


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 a week long blog marathon based on prompts, hosted by The Write Tribe. 

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