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Saturday 17 June 2017

Picture Perfect

 Picture Perfect

Bad hair and grey roots,

New members, here to stay. 

Spots and dots,

Don't pass off as freckles of late.

The chin wants to double,

Love handles do the jiggle.

Shakira croons, Hips don't lie,

Now you gotta teach them to lie.

Wipe an ugly pimple,

Deepen a little dimple.

Apps that gloss, polish and brighten,

Thin, blur and whiten.

Be flawless, be perfect

Beauty is picture perfect.

Selfie-queens sporting that pout,

Is that your only clout?

The fault is in our stares,

Insta-beauties, take off your glares.

 Haven't you heard?

Beauty is only skin deep.



Are we headed towards an age of perfection where only physical attributes need to be perfect?
Don't Judge a book by its cover. All that Glitters is not Gold. Remember?
Body shaming is becoming ritualistic. No one takes pride in their imperfections.
Grow up people! You are perfect as you are and just the way God meant you to be!

The masks of perfect selfie smiles hide the insecurities behind them.
That makes me want to sing...Tum itna kyun muskura rahe ho....
And no, I have nothing against selfie addicts just because I still don't know how to click the 'perfect' selfie! Is there a reason behind the obsession with getting the 'perfect' selfie? Food for thought!

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I am writing on today's prompt which is: The Fault in our Stares

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