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Tuesday 20 June 2017

Long Weekend Ahead

Nina's checklist:
Order groceries online
No mall shopping
No cooking
Organize the ordering out flyers
Measure curtain lengths for ordering new ones
Change bed, pillow covers, air and turn over mattress
Send the boys for a haircut
Buy new sets of school socks for both, sports shoes for Neel and compass box for Varun
Catch up on all group Whatsapp messages
Turn soil over in pots, add growth booster
Watch the season finale of last year's Masterchef Australia
Call up the family
Plan potluck with neighbors
Read the new books purchased on kindle last year
Read the new gluten, sugar-free cake recipe
Read up the new fail-proof weight-loss regimen recommended by sis
Nik's checklist:
Sleep late
Spend leisurely time in the loo
Read all newspapers, magazines, e-papers
Check out the new nose-on treatment for blackheads at saloon
Get a head massage
Afternoon siesta
Watch Formula one, Football, Golf matches
Check out the new Amazon Firestick
Eat wholesome home-cooked meals
Drinks with dudes..time permitting
Family time at the mall..time permitting
Catch up on sleep

Yeah, long weekends are fun at the Dev household!


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