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Tuesday 14 February 2017

My little sweetheart #Bloglove

On this Valentine's Day we peeps of Blogchatter have decided to shower love on our dearest blogs with a day long chain of blog posts!
I take on the baton of Blog Love from Reema

Relax-N-Rave is a tiny toddler, a little over year old and I am amazed at how she's grown! It's a she of course, this little baby of of mine!

And like a proud mommy, I am watching her grow everyday. Every day is a revelation, every post awakened by a new stream of thoughts, every comment from a visitor is like a tonic boosting her morale! This little baby was conceived from fleeting dreams and a love for words. Her mumma is whimsical, switching genres with every post, but I think she likes it! Oh, yes...that's her punchline by the way - Always Expect the Unexpected at Relax-N-Rave! From a handful of posts, this little girl has come a long way with 125 posts and going strong!
Whoever said raising a child is no child's play was absolutely right! I understand how much time and dedication one needs to make a blog grow and so yes, I try my level best to nurture her with TLC and loads of time! 
I love my little girl and she is making me realize with every passing day, how much I am growing with her and how much I need her! When I see my thoughts echoed through her, I feel a quiet sense of accomplishment that my words are reaching out to so many people across the world, simply because of my little blog! 
Indeed 'Child is father of the man'! My little girl teaches me the virtues of patience, perseverance and sheer dedication. Unless I give her all that, she refuses to budge
She has also instilled in me a sense of gratitude and mutual love. Every time you visit her and drop encouraging comments, I feel invigorated and grateful for the thoughtfulness and that in turn makes me reciprocate the love! 
We are practically inseparable, I have to see her at all times and know how she's progressing. And like a truant little one my blog plays havoc with my time schedule, I never understand how time flies past when I am indulging her! 
At times when my mind is stuck and on a writing block, I just skim past older posts and comments, that are like memories of a my little blog taking her baby steps and I feel rejuvenated!
Many folks tell me to move my girl to a self-hosted site, but we, mum and daughter are still contemplating that....we are wary of new places, we are actually quite cozy in this little nest in cyberspace that we've built for ourselves! But only time will tell, as my girl grows bigger, I'll do what's best for her.  
I hope all of you, my dear, dear readers will continue to shower your love on my darling, your love makes Relax-N-Rave grow!
Stay blessed and loved, all you wonderful folk! 

I now pass on the baton of Blog Love to Vikram

Image source: Pixabay

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