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Saturday 4 February 2017

20 Gifting ideas for a Budget Valentine's Day

Image source: Pixabay

Not much time to V-Day!
So let's not while away time, let's get right to it, shall we?
I love for their wide range of products, efficient delivery and return of goods. 
I've handpicked some gifting ideas for this Valentine's day, especially considering a tight purse-string - All products under Rs 599!! I have taken care to avoid suggesting the routine perfumes, soft-toys and chocolates! 😉😉

Ladies first of course, I've selected quite a few organizers for women here. Yes, we really like being organized!
For HER:
1) I loved this super-cute hamper of even cuter earrings! 36 pairs!!

2) Or how about buying her this pretty earring holder to hold all her collection?

3) Your girl will love this idea of having all her earrings, clips, bands, chains stacked away in this compact double-sided hanging organizer.
4) This accessory organizer is even better! It can even hold her scarves, bags and more besides her accessories.
 5) Why not give her this smart watch storage, if not a watch? There's time to gift that later, isn't it?
6) Your Valentine would love this super-helpful handbag organizer and thank you every time she switches bags! 
7) This is a smart wallet with a separate space for the mobile, you can't imagine how handy that can be!
8) This dainty scarf with pendant comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, check this out!
9) You certainly won't go wrong with beauty pampering stuff! Check out this beauty hamper!
10) Your lady-love would be delighted with some more pampering with this beauty hamper!

11) Guys you can never be too mushy...girls love mushy the most!
Go gift her this vial packed with your love-message-capsules and win her over!


For HIM:
12) He would love this gadget organizer to neatly organize all his multitudinous charges, adapters, cables, power banks and more! Ideal for travel!
13) This remote organizer will make him thank you for not having to hunt for the various remotes, which I think are like 'Horcruxes' for men!
14) Party Ahoy! Your boy will be happy to show off these bar accessories the next time there's a party!
15) Yeah, give a man his booze and TV and he can't be happier! 
P.S: If he is dilly-dallying proposing...this beer mug would give him the hint! 
16) And if your man is a tee-totaller, give him this unique coffee mug! More love to you if he is a photography buff (which guy ain't, huh?)
17) If your guy is into sporting a handlebar mustache (and you approve of it) go make him happy with this spectacle holder and mustache key-chain.
18) Your man will be happy to flaunt this chic fedora hat on your next holiday!
19) Men love watches and definitely love showcasing them! This watch box should be a perfect gift!

20) Lastly some cute stuff for the pair: Personalized memorabilia celebrating your love for each other! Go check out the entire range!
Go have fun dear folks,
Remember the value of the gift matters less, 
It's the thought that goes behind, 
Showing you care that matters most!
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