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Saturday 5 November 2016

#DIY Photoline

What do you do when you discover you have piles of photographs stashed in your cupboards? You flip through them and exclaim...Wow! These are so good, wish I could put them up! Well, obviously you don't want to be framing them individually. You do have the option of pinning them on a soft-board provided you have one strategically positioned in your home or maybe you could pick up a multiple-frame display available in the markets - still you won't be able to have more than ten pictures up at a time.

Your best bet to display all the photos you want to would be to create your own photo-line or picture clothesline!
A photo-line is a super easy way to display multiple photographs and the best part is you can keep changing the photos on display according to your fancy - flaunt your latest holiday clicks, anniversary or Valentine's day special, festival updates, birthday-party photos, latest kiddie art-work and so on!

So here's a quick Do-It-Yourself (DIY) photo-line project for you to indulge in on a weekend. This is a fun-activity suitable for all ages, in fact I strongly recommend you involve the kids in this project!

How many photos can I put up on the photo - line?
I made two photo-lines, each about 4'6" long. 
Each line can hold about 10 photos of 4"x6" size, so my two lines hold 20 pictures.
So you get the idea...more the number of lines and longer the lines, more the no. of pics you can put up.

Where do you place them? 
You could select the wall behind your bed, the children's room, a passage-wall - like I have done.
Just remember, if your photo-line goes below/above easy viewing height or eye-level, it is of no use!
What do you need?
1) Wall-hooks - If you are really keen on having the photo-line as a permanent feature, go in for permanent, drilled/nailed wall-hooks, preferably decorative ones like these:

I have gone in for these colorful plastic umbrella hooks (1 set has 3pcs) that come with self-adhesive wall-tape, easy to install and can be removed (I hope)

Image source: Amazon India

 2) Decorative wooden clips: You could browse for wooden clips and choose and pick from an amazing array of adorable ones that come in packs of 10/12 along with the chord or rope you need for your photo-line.

 Image source: Amazon India

3) Photos: Of course you need these and loads of patience to select which ones to get developed from the thousands of images you've clicked and saved as soft copies.  
Make sure you select a combination of vertical and horizontal shots. 
Go for small-sized prints so that you can have more pictures to hang.

Let's get started shall we?

So first target a blank wall like this....

Mark out the height at which you want your hooks to be placed, taking care to keep the hooks on opposite sides at an equal height, you don't want your line all crooked. Remember to consider that the rope will sag by an inch or so since the photos will weigh it down.
There you go - an umbrella hook on each side with the rope securely hooked onto both with a simple knot.

Add the second line by fixing two more hooks below the first line. Make sure you leave enough space between the two lines, you don't want your two rows too close or too far away.
I added one umbrella hook in the center of each row for additional support, so that my rope doesn't sag too much. And voila....its done, your line is ready for action, super simple isn't it!

Now that your line is ready, start hanging the photos using the dainty wooden clips.  


And there you go, the second line fills up nicely too! You could hang pretty souvenir key-chains, baubles or whatever else from the central hook too!

So we are practically done here, but something's missing I think!

How about a touch of nature to this? So we pick up some bird wall decals/stickers and easy-peasy we have some birds on the line now! 

You want something more? Okay! Let's add something more!

Let's go in for these hanging planter decal stickers

Perhaps some colorful feathers?

And we are done here I say!
You could jazz it up with a string of fairy lights running along the line too!

Wasn't this a super-fun way of putting up your pictures and also livening up an other-wise idle wall? 

Do let me know how you liked this DIY project in the comments below. 
Till later, have fun, happy decorating! 

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