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Friday 21 October 2016

Love in Frames - Frame 4

Vivek switched on his laptop. His desktop came alive with the changing screensaver, a beautiful image from their recent holiday. His mind wandered to their first holiday, so many moons ago.

You had packed so much into those two large suitcases; I wondered whether you had misinterpreted the honeymoon as a migration. You haven’t changed much, have you? Packing enough for every imaginable contingency! 
But of course, you forgot to pack your toothbrush into your bulky honeymoon packing! That however seemed so minuscule an oversight, considering I had forgotten to pack the one thing you constantly reminded me before the trip – the camera! How did we survive those days without the mobile-camera, I can’t imagine. I was in the throes of misery and self-loathing, agonizing over the missing camera. I had so wanted to capture your beautiful face and our new love on camera and now…now…all those dreams were shattered by my blunder! I was fretting about miserably while you calmly smiled and said, ‘Atleast, now I won’t have to wear good clothes and make-up all the time!’ I realized then that capturing those moments and framing them for life through my mind’s eye was way better than peering through the lens all the while, trying to correct an already perfect moment!

A bike with a tightly spooned couple on it, whizzed past the taxi. Diya idly wondered how they managed that stunt in the hot summers.

Were we ever that young? Yes, we were like them too, carefree and madly in love, on a bike breezing through the muddy roads in a pelting downpour….our rainy honeymoon! A washout it would have been if you had kept raving and moping on about the damned, forgotten camera. I was upset too, but I couldn’t bear to see you beat yourself up over your folly. I was glad I managed to cheer you up and we did manage to get a few goofy photos at that local dingy photo studio, sitting in a dummy car, in front of Shalimar gardens….priceless shots weren’t they!


Image source: Pixabay

Disclaimer: All the characters in the Love in Frames series are fictional, any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.


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