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Monday 17 October 2016

Love in Frames - Frame 3

Image source: Pixabay

Vivek returned home after dropping off Taran and reached back for the newspaper. 
‘Ahh, adverts and more adverts and a new Bollywood release.’ 
He chuckled to himself as he remembered a movie from long ago.

All I can remember is, it was an English movie! I had been on such a high that it was my first time at the movies with a girl, my girl, that I hardly noticed the movie. I surreptitiously watched you sideways, delighting in your expressions, my skin tingling every time our bodies touched. You were so much into the movie, I wondered if you felt any attraction at all. I tried to casually slide my arm around you and you practically jumped out of the seat!  I decided then that I would wait for you to make the first move. And I was glad, because I didn’t have to wait long….when the movie came to a mushy bit, you leaned over to rest your head on my shoulder and it was only natural that my arm went around you. I’ll never forget how wonderful I felt at that moment. We were new to each other and yet things felt, just so right!

The steady breeze from the taxi window blew wisps of hair from Diya’s disobedient curls that had been hastily ordered into a bun across her face as she peered at the life-size posters of the latest movie release.

Gosh! What was that movie, our first together…why can’t I remember anything? Not even the name! I pretended to be so gung-ho when you announced we were going to see it. English movies, till date aren’t my forte! I prefer watching them with subtitles.
I was a bundle of nerves through the movie; so aware of your close proximity. My heart was pounding every time your arm brushed mine or our fingers met at the popcorn. I was hoping you’d make the first move and I was startled out of my wits when you did just that! How embarrassed you must have felt…poor you! I decided to make it easy on you and waited for the right moment to lean onto your broad shoulders. When your arm went around me in response, it felt like coming home! Some new experiences feel awkward, strangely this one felt, just so right!


Disclaimer: All the characters in the Love in Frames series are fictional, any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.


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