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Monday 24 October 2016

#Blogbuddy - Bonds that Bind

Have you wondered what it would have been like if Harry Potter never had Hermione and Ron by his side to aid and abet, to save and rescue, to support and console all through his trying encounters? How would Percy Jackson have ever conquered the evil Kronos or battled the sea of monsters, the vile Medusa and so many more without Grover and Annabeth by his side? For that matter how would Thakur have gotten Gabbar Singh if not for Jai & Veeru? Yes, everybody needs partners in crime to catch the Golden Snitch, land the Golden Fleece or vanquish evil overlords!

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Coming back to mundane, not so magical lives, 'Har ek friend zaroori hota he' says a popular jingle and I so agree with it! 
You need friends in every phase, every step of your life. Friends with whom you can yap, rave, weep, laugh, party and sometimes just share a quiet moment. As you go through different stages of life, the circle of friends is dynamic - either it is ever-expanding, at times switching/flitting or sometimes shrinking, depending on your emotional quotient and your priorities. But if studies of any kind are to be relied upon, the happiest people are those with friends, the number doesn't matter but the quality of friendship is what matters.

Like any field, blogging and writing is no exception in being extremely widespread and equally competitive. Writing is a lonely occupation, I have heard. But it does not need to be so. You don't need to be cooped up in a locked room and keep churning out blockbusters or be guilt ridden while tearing up drafts of your recent failures. 
Times have changed, you are not alone, all you need is to reach out through the seemingly deep waters you are submerged in and voila you are pulled on aboard a jolly vessel in the company of like-minded souls who will offer you all the help and assistance you seek in the blogging world or 'blogosphere'! Isn't that amazing? So this jolly vessel you're sailing in, is a community of bloggers and eventually you narrow down on a group of 'em who become your cronies or 'blogbuddies'! Having a community that shares your love for words and a goal to peak one's potential sure is motivating!

Yes, a blogbuddy or more blogbuddies are what a solitary blogger needs. Friends to bounce your thoughts, share your views, advise you, push, goad, encourage, motivate and shove you if need be to do your best. They are the go-to-guys for all minor to major blogging glitches, from what's the good word, grammar travails, punctuation nightmares, writers blocks, tech issues, SEO disasters, Alexa me they have fixes for all your woes and sometimes if they don't - they'll help you find answers to all your niggles, how sweet is that?
Having experienced the benefits of having super-cool blogbuddies myself, I can truthfully vouch that they are just what you need if you have any plans of simply laying anchor or striking gold in blogosphere. A close circle of trust, some friendly banter, naughty reprisals, spicy gossip with a healthy dose of 'see yourself for what you are' are some of the associated perils of a blogbuddy relationship. They are the guys who'll spur you on to aim higher, to try something new and not shy away from calling your lousy post just that!
Honestly, I am quite addicted to them and so I strongly recommend every blogger to get him/herself one or more of these - BLOGBUDDY LOVE!!


I am a Blogbuddy with @Blogchatter

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