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Thursday 14 July 2016

Bill Please - Nobita does it again!

Content Alert: Recommended for the viewers (includes afflicted parents) of the cartoon series 'Doraemon'

"Do you know what happened yesterday? Yes, yes when I had been away to see Dorami?"

Gian and Suneo had been at ball practice for a solid hour. They kept calling Nobita to play with them but he paid no heed, being immersed in his new comic book. Soon the two got tired of playing with each other, with no one to cheer, challenge or defeat!
Along came dainty Shizuka, "Hello boys, it's such a lovely day isn't it? Can we do something fun?" 
"That's a great idea Shizuka!" chorused the three boys including Nobita, who finally dragged his eyes off his book.
"I've got it, let's go for ice-cream sundaes at that new parlor just next to the park, I had been there last week with my parents, it's too good!" bragged Suneo.
Everyone agreed and off they went to the ice-cream parlor.
They found a nice table overlooking the park and settled down comfortably.
The menu boasted of the most eye-popping and dazzling desserts they'd ever seen. Orders were placed with adequate instructions for the toppings to be added.
"I wonder, who's going to pay for this....I have hardly enough to pay for my share, but what will Shizuka think of me?" Gian wondered.
"No way I am paying for that slob Gian or that numb-skull Nobita, but how do I impress Shizuka?" Suneo wondered.
"Doesn't she have the warmest brown eyes and the sweetest dimple!"sighed Nobita gazing at Shizuka.
The desserts arrived and were every bit as delectable as the menu promised!
Gian and Suneo were digging into their desserts with gusto and soon they were competing as to who would finish first.
Shizuka was eating hers demurely, watching the two with a smile and Nobita was simply stirring his into a slushy mess!
The two competitors accomplished the feat of wiping out the large sundaes in record time, almost simultaneously and Shizuka clapped enthusiastically.
"Ahhh, that was super delicious, wasn't it Suneo! Aww, there's my mom outside, she's waving out to me, I have to go, Suneo pay up mine, I have to rush!"  
By the time the others squinted to see where Gian's mom was, he was already gone.
Suneo looked at his watch and pretended to be shocked, "Is it 4.30 already? I promised to go out with my cousin! Now, let me pay first." He opened his wallet and scanned it
"Oh! Bother! I have only new 1000 bills,  the waiter won't accept those! Anyway I can't pay till Nobita finishes, but I am already late! Nobita you are still eating, so take your time. I'll drop Shizuka home on my way to the class."
Shizuka looked at Nobita and his sloppy mess. "Suneo, you carry on, I'll wait with Nobita."
Suneo left, feeling glad that he'd skipped the bill, but uneasy about leaving Nobita alone with Shizuka.
Back at the parlor, Nobita, was suffused with the happiness of Shizuka waiting alone with him!
But Nobita, didn't seem to be anywhere closer to finishing his ice-cream especially when he kept forgetting to eat in between chatting and gazing at Shizuka.
Finally even Shizuka gave up! "Nobita, I had promised my mom that I'd help her out with the evening's chores. Let me pay, you finish your ice-cream at leisure."
As she ventured to pay for the ice-cream, Nobita resisted strongly. 
"No, no, no, of course not! I am done, I don't like ice-cream so much. Let's go,  I'll just settle the bill!"
His eyes popped when he saw the bill but he gallantly refused to let Shizuka pay.
He paid, emptying his wallet, draining all his pocket money and the gift his uncle had given him.
But when he saw Shizuka waiting outside for him with a coy smile, he came out jubilantly! 

"Well, I got the whole story from Nobita using my 'Memory camera' gadget, I had to check what he had been up to while I was out. Oh, Nobita, when will you stop being a born-loser!
But I have to say: Sometimes being a born-loser is not so bad, is it?!"

Signing off,

And you guessed right, I am a cartoon overwhelmed mom! Something that plays in the background constantly, does seep into your system...whether you like it or not!

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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A quick recap to help you understand what the Category 4 - Born Losers means:

I have managed to segregate people into six categories based on their distinctive reactions upon sighting the bill. I also hasten to add that one cannot be indefinitely slotted into a particular category, after all human reactions vary according to situations, don’t they?

The fourth category comprises of all those individuals known as Born Losers! Mark me, when I say they differ from the first Me-Me category! They don’t voluntarily opt to foot the expense but it is just that they are the only ones left behind to handle it…blame it on their slow eating speed or their ingrained loser streak!


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