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Wednesday 20 April 2016

Quick-Fix Home Makeover Ideas

Sigh! Aren't you tired of looking at the same ol' home? You are stuck with the same walls and partitions that would take inhuman amounts of time and energy to rework upon! And what can you  do about that upcoming event at home, how do you spruce it up in limited time?

Don't you wish a genie would swoop down and... poof...give your home a spanking new look!
Difficult to get genies but how about some quick-fix tips that could instantly perk up your interiors and yet not cut a hole in your budget or wreak havoc on your busy schedule!

1. Rearrange your furniture:

What's the big deal you say? Well I say, just go head and try it! Pool all the furniture in the center of the room and start afresh. Hmm, wouldn't that console look better next to the dining area or how about placing that area rug at a different angle, and that single-seater definitely needs to go elsewhere! The difference a simple move like this can create is amazing! Go on change the dynamics of your room and feel the fresh vibes.

2. Add a new focus element:

Be it a new couch, a darling set of pouffes, a glorious rug, an esoteric armchair, an old trunk, a quirky book-case, a fancy mirror, a new art, an exquisite vase.....ohh the endless options! Add just one eclectic item to your existing setting and see what a new perspective it adds to the room!

3. Bring in the outdoors: 

This is one of the easiest ways to instantly give any living space a new lease of life. Be it a large-leafed potted green foliage, a bunch of flowers, a cluster of vibrant herbs, a little aquarium or a terrarium, they add instant freshness to the room. Check out more ideas to bring in the outdoors here HERE.
Select plants that are indoor-friendly, easy to maintain and won't die on you! Here are some hard to kill plants!
Plants to help purify the air indoors - HERE

4. Re-upholster and refurbish:

Another easy yet super-effective way to spice up that old look is to give it a new lease of life with a fresh change of clothes, I mean clothes for your home! Change the seating upholstery to sizzling jewel-tones, curtains in pretty florals, snazzy bed-covers, trendy table-cloths and see the world of change they bring! More ideas to play with fabrics HERE.
Change the look of your wooden cabinets/wardrobes by changing the laminate or just painting or even wall-papering them. 

5. Change your walls:

Colors and Paints, Wall-papers, Art, Wall-Decor, Wall-Decals, Mirrors are amongst the most effective ideas to create a totally arresting look for your home. Move your Art-work around to a different wall and see the difference it creates! Add contrasting wall-paints to back-sides of open shelves and niches. Wall paper them or add colorful mats! Just focusing on a single wall in a room does the trick! 

6. Floor 'em: 

Your home's flooring can have a tremendous impact on the overall look of the house. An instant way to give a totally new look to your space would be to change the flooring. Insta-flooring solutions include Linoleum, Vinyl and Laminate flooring. Though linoleum was considered pretty tacky for its artificial look, recent products are far superior in quality and look. And best part? Remove it after a couple of years and try something new! Watch this space for more details on all kinds of flooring options!

7. Let there be Light:

A brilliant and terrific way to recreate the ambience of any room is to work on its lighting! Change the fittings from fluorescent white to a warm yellow glow, add dimmers to chandeliers, change the lamp-shade cover, add a blue or pink bulb to a corner lamp, a cluster of beautiful candles or tea-lights and my favorite - go crazy with plug-in fairy-lights! Muted lights relieve the little discrepancies in decor!

8. Make small replacements:

Change the handles, knobs of cabinetry wherever possible. Change the external faucet/tap fittings. 

9. Indulge your senses:

Invest in some aromatherapy with soothing, reviving and revitalizing fragrances in the form of potpourri, incense sticks, candles, aroma oils, diffusers etc. 
Add easy-on-the-ears lounge /instrumental titles to your music collection and see the sensory magic envelop you!

10. Out with the Clutter!


Another seemingly innocuous tip I am saving for the last is DE-CLUTTER and ORGANIZE! 
Just clean out the spares, the extras, the unnecessary, maybe useful, what-if-I-need-it and the whole lot of junk and clutter  from all the rooms, reorganize and see what a transformation that makes! A spring-cleaning does amazing wonders!
And yes, you may thank me later ;)

So folks, you see, pretty simple ideas you can very easily carry out to achieve a makeover for your home without the hassle of a tedious and expensive total interior overhaul!

Do share with me other quick-fixes that you may have tried and succeeded with.
Till later, happy times with beautiful homes!


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