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Wednesday 6 April 2016

Eclectic Interior Style

When you browse through online websites or glossies on Interiors, you are awestruck at the breathtakingly beautiful, unique furniture and artifacts of Eclectic homes featured there. 

Eclectic style encompasses a variety of periods and styles and is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish.

To put together something like what you are in awe of is not an impossible task. All it needs it continuous, deliberate survey of what things come together to create that perfect look. 
Sourcing something eclectic again requires a lot of research and maybe foot-work . You must be prepared to spend time and sometimes moolah over something you are convinced is ‘the thing’ you were looking for!

Again what would seem eclectic to one person, may seem like junk to the next. It is about creating the look with seemingly innocuous or maybe even weathered stuff!

Creating eclectic interiors also does not mean filling your home with out-of-this-world artifacts, furniture, accessories etc. at the cost of half the world! You can create that by incorporating an element or two of value and make them the focal points of your décor.

Trending eclectic furniture include recycled material furniture - pallet furniture, rubber tire furniture etc., weathered wooden polish to old furniture, treating vintage artifacts to new makeovers and so on....and MOST IMPORTANTLY combining the right colors, fabrics and artifacts that create a harmonious yet distinctive look to the space! So if you are thinking that eclectic furniture means recycled....NO!

Like I said earlier, a few pieces of unique furniture/artifacts/ can change the look of a space from Standard to Wow!
Check out a few I collected for you:

 Some DIY ideas to create your own piece de resistence!

 Recycle that old trunk

Old is Gold, get out the Urlis! Image credit: Amazon

Have a look at the fabulously curated:

One might ponder how it is possible for such a completely different variety of things to be mixed together and still remain a one piece of the design style. 
Of course, a lot of effort, thought, and creativity is necessary in order to make the space in eclectic style look great and at the same time logically interconnected. 
There are features, such as furniture, color, fabric and finish, which make eclectic style as one amazing and completed piece of art.