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Monday 18 April 2016

10 Obsolete Décor Ideas you should Avoid

Owning your own place is a big thing, isn't it?! Doing it up is an even bigger deal. 
Here is where I urge you to carefully plan your home interiors. Take your time, gather your finances, research options for each item you purchase. 

Inadvertent, impulsive purchases, cheap temporary fixes and hastily done up homes, will in the long run work out to be an expensive deal for you while also being non-trendy and redundant-looking.

Times have changed, home decor and interior design is an important aspect for most discerning homes. One doesn't have to go overboard in that aspect by compulsorily hiring a professional to do up the home, but all the same it is good to know what is in trend and what is outdated or obsolete. 
It is good to reuse old antique furniture, old is gold as they say but one must revamp those that are out of sync with your home aesthetics and requirements!

After all, you are spending hard-earned money on doing up the home on an average of about once in ten years with regards to the civil/electrical/plumbing works and about once in five years with the furniture, furnishings, paints etc. 
So remember you have to put with your choices day in and day out for that time escape!

Sharing with you certain trends in the Home Decor scene that are well-past their expiry dates, that you will do well to stay away from!

1) Window valance/pelmet dressing: Remnants of the colonial rule, they must have done tremendous business for the drapery shops way back in those days! Please get over these....especially this pattern!

And while you are at it, get over these sofa-seat-back-covers too! Excellent protection I know but at least take them off when you have guests and show off your lovely upholstery instead of hiding it!

2) Bulky showcases cum TV units: A rage from the '70s that held a pride place in the living rooms. A one stop spot to display and store everything from crockery, music, tape-recorder, books to trophies and also one that beheld your prize television. The light look is in folks, time to bid adieu to these old-timers!

3) Bean Bags and Blow up/inflatable chairs: I can't figure out how or when these made their way into the living-rooms of homes. But they've overstayed their visit!

4) Decorative ceiling cornice moldings and elaborate false-ceilings:  In this era of less is more, these heavy decor elements scream: TOO MUCH! Off they go!

5) Going matchy-matchy: This trend came about when some prudent folks decided that the furnishings and rest of the decor should blend together...good thought, but then some others went overboard on that! Don't fall prey to this mistake!

6) Too much bling: Who doesn't like that bit of bling to add glamor to their homes? But going overboard....a big NO-NO in these times of subtle elegance!

7) Too much of a good thing: In the beginning of this millennium, we saw an overuse of all kinds of marble and granite owing to their hardiness and versatility. People invested heavily in one or more kinds for their homes from window frames to counter-tops to flooring - the results garish and heavy looks! Strike them off your Wishlist or Use Sparingly! Especially black granite....there are loads of color options in granite, check them out!

8) Furniture mish-mash: This again was a very common trend of buying wrought-iron/chrome-finish furniture and adding to the already existing furniture creating a total mish-mash. These kinds of furniture pieces are alright for temporary quarters but if its going to be your own nest, try and stick to a uniform thread in the home furniture.

9) Tableware in Melamine: These came into trend in the eighties and are still hardy retainers, but I think its high time they stopped finding their way to our tables especially when entertaining. All kinds of beautiful corning ware, chip-proof dinnerware, glass, china and porcelain in the market are waiting to take their place.

10) Shaggy carpets and toilet mats: Shaggy carpets - Yeah, they feel good under your feet but they shed continually, are harbors for dust and mites and difficult to maintain. 
Toilet rugs - Someone needs to walk me through this. Which genius thought it would be preferable to have pee-soaked carpet surrounding the pot than easy-to-mop tiles? 
Go they must!

So that was my collection of 10 decor ideas for that you would do well to avoid!
Do you have some other decor-ideas that frazzle you? Share them with me!



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