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Friday, 5 February 2016

Blessed Sleep

Blessed are those that sleep,
The sleep that is deep as a baby's,
The sleep that is restful and dreamless,
The sleep that endures all disturbances.

Blessed are those that sleep,
The sleep of calm after the day's storm,
The sleep of exhaustion after the day's hard work,
The sleep of rejuvenation that revives the weary body.

Blessed are those that sleep, 
The sleep that is filled with whimsical dreams,
The sleep that soothes the nerves frayed thin,
The sleep that uncreases the fretful frowns.

Blessed are those that sleep,
The sleep that assuages the vexed mind,
The sleep that unruffles the muddled head,
The sleep that mends the broken heart. 


This post was written in response to #FotoFriday2 a photo-blogprompt, an initiative of  team #BlogbuddyWritehouse @Blogchatter

This week's #FotoFriday2 fabulous photo-prompt 
Image credit goes to my super-talented #blogbuddy Anindya Basu 

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