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Monday 11 January 2016

Pondering a Pensieve Purchase

Can I order a Pensieve online I wonder! My jumbled thoughts and memories are over-crammed to explosive limits I am sure.

How wonderful to let go of some undesirable memories - that resounding trip and fall on flat terrain, in plain-view of a large audience! The trivial faux-pas incidents of youth that matured into, well, mature faux-pas and blunders of the decade!

Or hold on to some unforgettable moments of pure ecstasy like winning a prize at a surprise event, the serene bliss of a holiday, the blush of the first date, ohhh….so many happy moments that I would like to transfer into the Pensieve to rewind and watch over and over to savor and relish those treasured moments!

On second thoughts, why not transfer all that accumulated junk memory – that bit of conversation overheard in the train, that truly ridiculous evening spent waiting for someone who never showed up, that absolute disaster I read some zillion years ago…..all that unwanted trivia that has somehow made it to the elusive low capacity permanent storage chamber of my brain!

These chambers of long-term storage could instead be used to retain some vital pieces of information and knowledge that are otherwise fugacious, within moments of being absorbed into my consciousness! Or maybe I could do a smart thing, get a portable Pensieve, carry it with me at all times, so that, as soon as I catch up on some really relevant stuff, I transfer it to this amazing receptacle and retrieve it when required..…ahhh, I am getting better and better at outsourcing my activities to improve my productivity!
But I do believe the old grey cells up there, would be glad for the help! What with dealing with information overload one day and total deprivation of any activity besides sending customary motor signals, that too involuntarily to perform day-today activities! No, these guys need something to challenge them; the Pensieve could be their competition, to egg them on to do their job better!

Yes, these grey chaps need to be shaken up and high time they learned to respect my wishes better. When I feed them with info I consider important to me, they give it the ‘here-now, gone-tomorrow’ kind of treatment in the pretext of storing it. Well, they better be ready for some stern dealing!
Take this instance – One fine day, I very wisely kept my favorite ring in a new satin pouch I found in my things, and told myself (take note: upper-storey guys) this is a nice safe place to keep it, so that I wouldn’t have to search for it amongst other trifles! Well, these jokers promptly shoved this vital memory way away from my reach. The next time I wanted to wear my ring, I hadn't a clue where I had 'safely' kept it! I turned all my drawers inside-out, searching my regular hideouts, all in vain. That memory just refused to spark!  It took me about six months to open that little pouch by chance while looking for something else, of course… find my long-lost treasure!

Yes, a Pensieve to be ordered, mind you I am writing this down, can’t trust the you-know-who’s up there!

P.S: Remember to order a wand and spell manual as well!

Do you have any such items in your wishlist? Do share with me!

This post was written for #SaturdayWordPlay13: Fugacious
Fugacious (adj) : tending to disappear; fleeting
#SaturdayWordPlay - A weekly word prompt series started by my #blogbuddy Aditi Kaushiva. 

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