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Friday, 11 December 2015

Couldn't Be Without...What? #WorldAlzheimersDay

This verse is a call-out to all of you out there, men and women....to wake up and take cognizance of this increasingly prevalent, degenerative and damaging mental condition known as Dementia.

Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability, severe enough to interfere with daily life, marked by memory disorders, personality changes and impaired reasoning.

We all spend the active phase of our lives in various pursuits, learning, earning, career, family and what-not. 
By the time we reach the stage of spending quality time with our own selves, Dementia may strike......and we are out of the game....out of time!

Alzheimer's disease is the more widely known and most common disorder under the umbrella of Dementia. There are about ten different types of Dementia identified so far!
Research shows that women are more prone to this affliction.

The sad part is, science and technology still hasn't found a way for either preventing or treating this life-devouring condition, that is a part of aging and also genetic make-up.

Understanding what we may be up against in our feebler years, should be our priority NOW!

What is Dementia?


Causes of Dementia


Dementia in Women


Early Warning Signs Of Dementia 


Diagnosing Dementia

We can take heart in the fact that one can delay its onset and maybe even avoid it by following:

1. Regular Exercise
2. Healthy Diet
3. Mental Stimulation
4. Quality sleep
5. Stress Management
6. An active Social life

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Research suggests that mentally active persons will have a significant advantage in slowing down the degenerative effect of Dementia.

Some suggested Brain Exercises:

  • Learn something new, such as a second language or a musical instrument.
  • Play board games with your kids or grandkids. Or get your friends together for a weekly game of cards. Mix it up by trying new games. The extra bonus of activities like these? Social connections also help your brain.
  • Work on crossword, number, or other kinds of puzzles.
  • Play online memory games or video games.
  • Read, write, or sign up for local adult education classes.


Brain Exercises and their role in preventing/advancing Dementia

Lastly a word reaching out to all those affected by this condition, though they may be unaware themselves....to the immediate family members, the care-givers of the affected persons. 

Be brave, you are not alone in this fight. 

Coping with Dementia day-in and day-out in your loved ones can be one of the most challenging things you may ever come across in life.

Patience, Patience and more Patience coupled with Love and Understanding is how you can go about it. 
Remember, garnering outside help to give yourself a respite is not a terrible thing to do!
Don't be too harsh on yourself for losing your patience occasionally, but seek help when it is ruining your own balance.

Read here on coping with Dementia as a Care-Giver.....


What can you do, if you are diaganosed with Dementia/Alzheimer's?


Understanding the Dementia Situation in India

I request each and everyone of you to Read and Share this post widely!

The awareness and response to this slow-killer has to spread.


This post is for reference purpose only. 
I have to the best of my knowledge and understanding suggested reference links to popular medical websites.
The authenticity of the medical facts stated here, will have to be verified by the reader.


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