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Friday, 27 November 2015

The Rules Of Engagement

He could hardly ignore the demure cow eyes she cast him, or her gentle graceful ways, could he now? Nor could she resist the charishma of his strong resonating voice or towering persona, as he and his friends ambled past her home every morning and evening on their way to and back from work.

Ganga could scarcely believe her ears when she heard her father announcing one day, that he had fixed up her wedding with one of the most eligible bachelors in her village, Prakash, the star of her dreams! It was going to be the talk of the town, her wedding, her father declared jubilantly, and to himself he promised,  it would be a union that would bring them all some much-needed luck and good fortune.
Everyone loved them. Theirs was a match made in heaven, predestined, controversy-free and bound to generate much enthusiasm in the society.

They had never been formally introduced, but both were intensely aware of the other’s presence whenever they met on common grounds. After the news of the forthcoming wedding was made public, both of them were thrilled and it was difficult to contain their excitement!

A leisurely trek along the verdant tracts of land belonging to her father, was their first date, overseen of course by the inevitable herd of their mutually close family and friends.

Prakash could hardly take his eyes of her milky white complexion and soft languid eyes, while pretending to listen to his friends banter, and Ganga couldn't restrain coy glances at Prakash’s majestic build and the lure of his powerful voice. 

Finally, they found themselves alone under the cool canopy of the large banyan tree at the end of her father’s land.
Prakash’s words of love rumbled off his mouth in a torrent, and hearing them Ganga was gently nodding her head as one entranced in listening to some timeless music! 

They wandered further; Ganga took Prakash to her favorite haunt, the little gurgling brook beside the mango grove belonging to her father’s close friend, he wouldn’t mind if they ventured into his land. The air was pregnant with possibilities and laden with the intoxicating perfume of fresh foliage. They partook of the sweet clear water of the brook. It slaked their thirst but their passions only heightened!

Looking at Ganga’s limpid, beseeching eyes that conveyed all her yearning, Prakash felt his own control slipping. He admonished himself over his frail self-control and resolved that they both had to stay strong; after all they had waited so long for this union to happen. Now that it was all in place, he would have to garrison all his tumultuous emotions, to stay true to his own set of rules of engagement that would eventually benefit them both.

He gently nudged her, pretending to hear someone call out to them in the distance. Ganga understood his subtle body language and was heartened to see that he possessed such integrity, believing in old-fashioned agendas, like rules of engagement, while here she was wantonly offering herself to him. She smiled to herself and joined him and the others, exulting in the realization that this was The One she would be happy to spend an eternity with.

As promised by her father Gopal Patwari, Ganga and Prakash were happily united in a spectacular celebration that hosted more than 5,000 guests from all the neighboring villages near Indore in Madhya Pradesh on April 14, 2014 in a celebration that was both lavish and unparalleled to anything you've ever seen!

This is a real-life love-story that is truly unique! Nothing unique you say? I beg to differ,
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