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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Ushering In The New Year

Grouchy Old Man 2015: 
What's all the hullabaloo about bringing in the New Year?
Isn't it just another year like every year?
Or is it the year when people are going to stop worrying altogether?
Maybe it is the year when you breathe air, pure and smoke-free,
And forget being angry with your neighbors all the time.
Will this year make you take oft neglected health more seriously?
Will this year be the year when every 'She' feels stronger?
A year when all celebrate the arrival of the stork with a little pink parcel?
Likely this year you will forget your different Gods,
 And find instead the Human in each of you! 

Happy Young Man 2016: 
Yes, yes, yes to all that, I am that hope for all unanswered wishes, 
Here to free you from the gloom of 2015. 
Set him free, burn him down, that Old Man 2015.
With him burn the desolation and woe of the year gone by.
I come to kindle new hopes and weave dreams afresh.
Bring out your new resolutions and intents,
I will give you the strength of a new beginning.
A fresh chapter to brush the cobwebs of old failures,
I will help you bury old enmities and invoke new friendships.
Your hopes and desires will revive with my robust support,
I will bring back the forgotten smile and rustle up new ones.
Pay no heed to the Old Man, he had his time in the yesterday and whiled it away,
Be here with me, in the now, for I am your today and tomorrow.

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