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Tuesday 1 December 2015

Creator At Work

Genre: Mytho-Fiction

Nabhija or Aja as he was fondly called, was dozing off or meditating as he liked to call it, yet again. Vani had a tough time rousing him every time. He was in deep 'contemplation' and she was finding it hard to get him to snap out of it. It was no better when he was awake or 'fully there' as he constantly drifted off into reveries of his favorite dream-creations in mid-conversation! Talk of attention deficit, seriously annoying!

Just 155.5 trillion years ago, give or take a few billion years, he had embarked on his pet project the ‘Earth’. Vani had been equally thrilled with this project since its inception, but for her, the sheen had worn off this thankless job. The current happenings on his pet peeve had started to irritate her, and she was constantly nagging him to change his job, maybe one which let him have a more active say in controlling his out-of-control creations.

His partner and Director-Of-Operations, Hari had specifically instructed him to restrain his actions to only creating and meeting production targets, outcomes and actions of his creations were not to be tampered with. 
That was his, Hari's speciality, and he loved meddling with Aja’s creations. Aja was often tormented by Hari’s way of tackling and dealing with his creations, but who was he to argue with this Mr Know-It-All partner? Hari with his myriad engagements was overloaded with work and still refused to delegate. 
However of late, even Aja's patience was wearing thin as he had taken notice of the haphazard state of situations on Earth with growing "intolerance" and what not! 
He considered consulting with their third partner Talin - Director-Of-Order and Implementation but that was provided, he could drag Talin out of his frozen retreat where he was either in a meditative trance or literally chilling  out with mind-blowing music and dance. 
The way things were proceeding, "down there" as they called it, Talin might have to stick in his oar soon enough, over-ruling Hari, and stirring up a Maha-Pralay, to wipe the slate clean! A pity, considering all the overtime-billion years Aja had put in to fine-tune the project!
He would have to start afresh with the whole creation sequence, something that he unabashedly adored doing!

They had been a bored trio, Aja, Hari and Talin, when the impulsive Hari knowing Aja's creative genius suggested that he should just trust his instincts and go ahead and do what he was best at - Creating, while Hari and Talin would take care of all other logistics to make it work, Hari's calm administrative abilities balancing Talin's aggressive stance as required.

What had started off as a paracosm for Aja, had refused to leave him. He was intrigued by the visions he saw, and finally he had painstakingly embarked on making it a reality. He worked tirelessly to transform his paracosmic world - with everything his imagination could furnish and a little more - to make a real world out of his visions! The oceans, the mountains, the rivers, the valleys, the creatures that inhabited this world, each and every single one, he had commissioned into being. Constantly engrossed in this vast canvas, adding a stroke here, erasing a line there, weaving intricate patterns that delighted him to no end. He was a master at this, like...really good! The Director of Creations, was an Artist who delighted in his work. 

He had created and designed all the creatures on his favored project with a lot of interest but had been rather partial to the biped creature he called human, he liked to think of it as his masterstroke. He had involved Vani to help him out with the tech stuff of this creation, infusing it with larger traces of her vast knowledge and intelligence than in any of his other creations. She had been wary of adding so many great features into this new being, but he had been too carried away by his own cleverness to listen to her.

Trimurti at Elephanta caves, Mumbai - pic credit -


Nabhija – meaning born from the navel, another name for Lord Brahma – The Creator God according to Hinduism.
Aja – Another name for Lord Brahma meaning the unborn one.
Vani – meaning eloquent in words or sound, another name for the Goddess of knowledge and learning – Saraswati, also consort of Lord Brahma.
Hari – meaning a lion, another name for Lord Vishnu – The Protector God according to Hinduism
Talin – meaning musical, another name for Lord Shiva – The Destroyer God according to Hinduism
Pralayessentially describes the destruction/dissolution of Universe, a Doomsday that took place in the past and will take place in future.

Did you know?

One full day of Brahma = 8,640,000,000 human years

You can read more on,

How old is the Earth? - Vedic Chronology says...

How old is the Earth? - Wiki says...

Vedic concepts of Time 

Don’t we as a human race tend to think of ourselves as the most powerful, cognizant beings on this planet? Till proven, the existence of other evolved beings besides us, we are the undisputed higher authority in this Universe.

Aren’t we fooling ourselves with this delusion? We constitute the most infinitesimally insignificant proportion of the universal mass, and yet we think of ourselves as the most enlightened species to exist in it? 

We are but tiny marionettes in this massive arena with our strings being orchestrated by the master puppeteer!

Do share your views on this primordial existential question....would love to hear!

Saturday Word Play 9: Paracosm

Paracosm: (n) a detailed imaginary world created inside one's mind

#SaturdayWordPlay -Weekly word prompts of forgotten words, being revived by my friend Aditi Kaushiva, the brain behind this interesting initiative!

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  1. Loved how you introduced the mythological genre to your fiction! Fabulous wordplay! You are turning better and better with each story! Much love!

    1. That is really so wonderful of you Aditi! I have a strong inspiration to follow, haven't I? Thanks a lot my dear!

  2. Hi Kala - enjoyed reading this . Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you dear Blogbudyy, thanks for dropping by!

  3. I love reading what your wirte! The creativity, the language- just WOW!

  4. Very well written... Congrats! All the best!
    Looking at the events happening around us- wars, violence, disrespect for women and above all natural calamities - it sure looks like we are slowly but surely entering kaliyuga and the process has definitely been initiated... The cycle if life and time will go on...

    1. I had actually written this piece a couple of days before the Chennai rains hit! It was like a premonition of kinds, I felt when I saw and read all about nature's fury unleashed on Chennai. Pralay/Doomsday may not be too far away if mankind continues on its current path! Thanks dear for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!

  5. Kala I have a joke with a fellow friend... that God's wife's name is Sunita and that God created earth to keep her busy like a tele series. Every time she gets bored she picks on the few of her favorites (like us :P ) and decides to play havoc. Then for next five odd years sits back and enjoys the drama :D

    Your story reminded me of this... But of course the technicality the choice of words the research with glossary of terms. Simply amazing!

    1. Hey Richa, thanks for the lovely comment! Made my day truly! I was thinking on the same lines as you, that we are little cartoons made for the entertainment of greater beings! Thanks for dropping by :)

  6. Enjoyed your imaginary world and who knows it may be quite real. When I was little I thought we were the dreams of Angels and when our own personal Angel woke up, we died!


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