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Saturday 12 December 2015

A Beach party

Oh! Wow! A beach party! What fun that is going to be! There will be beach-ball matches, sand-castle making marathons, shell picking trails and the super-yummy picnic lunch hampers with colorful cooling drinks under the shady beach umbrellas! 

I can picture myself in my new off-shoulder flouncy yellow and white polka frock, the lovely straw sun-hat, the delicate sunflower flip-flops and...oohh...yess, my brand new psychedelic glares!

A frisson of excitement runs through me just imagining the treat in store!

All the while, I wonder....will 'He' be attending the party? Was he even invited to it? After all, our parents are close friends! But the moment is too thrilling to worry about anything. I dismiss the fleeting doubt with a happy laugh and assure myself that he will be there! 

I run to my wardrobe, peek in to check on my short-listed outfits for the party! The yellow frock looks soo deliciously cool and pretty...but on second thoughts how about...a more sophisticated look?

I try on the other new outfit I had picked up on last week's shopping spree with mum. Hmmm.....the teal-blue crop top paired with  the ohh-so-cute ripped denim shorts does look good on me! I fail to see how this one will not attract all eyes, including my sought after pair....those warm brown ones!

Yes, all fixed and decided! I can hardly wait for the party now. Tomorrow seems so far away! All that's pending is to tell mum to do up my hair in that dainty french braid that suits me so well! It's not everyday that one gets to celebrate their Tenth Birthday party on a beach, is it?!

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I realize many of you are voicing your surprise/indignation at the precocious behavior of a 10 year-old!

Believe me when I say this, kids are maturing both physically and mentally at alarmingly young age! 

No thanks to the influence of modern unhealthy lifestyle and an over-exposure to information from various social media. 

Ten is the new Fifteen....sad but true :(


Daily Mail UK - Kids ARE growing faster up faster today

Whatever Happened To Childhood?

Washington Post - Are kids growing up too fast?

What do you think? Do share your experiences/trials, raising children in an age of media and information overload.


Saturday Word Play 10:Frisson

Frisson: (n) a sudden passing sensation of excitement; a shudder of emotion; thrill

#SaturdayWordPlay -Weekly word prompts of forgotten words, being revived by my friend Aditi Kaushiva, the brain behind this interesting initiative!

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  1. That was so cute! I could sense her excitement! :)

  2. Hahahaha you know Kala your posts remind me of all my starting blogs I remember I wrote something similar :D

  3. Hehehehe.. this was nice :) So much excitement!

  4. When I was 10 all I thought about was the gifts and if I could finish birthday cake on my own :p

    1. Sadly when I was ten there was neither a party nor gifts...sigh!! You won't believe how fast kids mature nowadays!

  5. Learnt a new word : Frisson. Wow. Thanks :)

  6. 10th? I thought this was a teenager. When I was 10, I was more cake-obsessed, I think. Boys came later. ;)

  7. Wow!you do have away with words... :)congrats! And yes! Kids are growing up too fast...innocence is an endangered treasure in today's times...

  8. Scary to know 10 is the real 15. Slow down kids. There is a time for everything in your life.


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