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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Ghar ki Murgi DAAL barabar?

I often crib about my son's obsessional item of preference in the whole wide world of gastronomy. Go to any wedding buffet, restaurant, or even at home, his perpetual question when he's about to load his plate is, where's the Daal? On days when I am in a mood to venture into new culinary recipes, if I ask him, "Dear one, what special thing would you like to eat today?", "Daal-chawal!" is his prompt reply!

Staunch vegetarians that we are, Daal is an indispensable ingredient in everyday preparations and the main source of proteins in households such as mine. The rich aromas of Arhar/Tur Daal in Daal Tadka, Kaali Daal in Maa ki Daal, Panchratna Daal, Daal Shorba, Sambhar, Aamti Daal, Daal Baati Choorma etc will unfailingly draw the most fastidious diet-freak to the table. The humble Moong Daal can tantalize one in its Halwa or Bhajia avaatar and at the same time assuage a disturbed tummy in its Khichdi manifestation ! Urad Daal in Medu vada or Dahi vada, Mixed Daal vada, aur Chana Daal in Besan ke Laddu ke toh kya kehne!!
Daal Daal par likhe hai khaanewale ka naam!

Couldn't resist sharing this......drool,drool!!

With the sudden escalation in Daal prices across the country, everyone, especially the Aam-Vegan-Aadmi (pl.note: no political liasons or promotions at work here) & restaurants are going Trahimam-Trahimam!!

Article on Arhar Mahadev
Soaring pulses doing a vanishing act

Whatever the reasons for the steep incline in prices, the effects are being borne by all.
Its a matter of neither having your Daal nor eating it!

Pretty soon, wedding receptions of the elite, the rich and the famous will boast of delicacies like Daal Amritsari and Gujrati Daal instead of Reshmi Chicken Kabab and Nargisi Koftas, and for Desserts it will be Just Dal By The Riso!

In the meanwhile, till the rates come down or we get used to the infalted rates, some parsimonious actions involving old Grandma's tips like judiciously preparing thin Daal & thickening it with flour, or encouraging your herbivorous family to be more open to experimenting seasonal veggies like Shalgam-Turnip, Nul-kol-?, all varieties of Palak-Spinach, Yams & Gourds and the likes....tough eh?!

Sharing some of the Daal jokes in circulation,

Diwali hampers with mixed Daal compartments will be a hit!

 Daily Daal Tablets fortified with synthetic proteins : Twice a day-Two tablets

Now one will surely think twice before saying Ghar Ki Murgi Daal Barabar!! And I can now proudly say, that my son has a royal taste in food - He likes Daal only Daal!! Mera Raja Beta!!

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  1. Pretty colourful post! And welcome to the world of blogging! :)

  2. Royalty we all are, us poor aam veg aadmi and aurat and unke bachhe :) I found this post interesting, enjoyed reading it.


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