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Wednesday 4 November 2015

Just Nosing Around

A Nose is just a Nose, who knows what his Nose means? Forgive him who knows not what his nose means!

We are here discussing the Nose: the part projecting above the mouth on the face of a person or animal, containing the nostrils and used for breathing and smelling.
And this post here, is probably one of the most exhaustive (hopefully not exhausting) ones about THE NOSE!

Origin: Old English nosu, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch neus, and more remotely to German Nase, Latin nasus, and Sanskrit nāsā.
For purposes of clarity and simplicity, we will restrain our discussions to only the Human Nose.

Geeks, feel free to explore:

A lovely poem I came across about The Nose,

Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face

by Jack Prelutsky


Be glad your Nose is on your face,
not pasted on some other place,
for if it were where it is not,
You might dislike your Nose a lot.

Imagine if your precious Nose
were sandwiched in between your toes,
that clearly would not be a treat,
for you'd be forced to smell your feet.

Your Nose would be a source of dread
were it attached atop your head,
it soon would drive you to despair,
forever tickled by your hair.

Within your ear, your Nose would be
an absolute catastrophe,
for when you were obliged to sneeze,
your brain would rattle from the breeze.

Your Nose, instead, through thick and thin,
remains between your eyes and chin,
not pasted on some other place--
be glad your Nose is on your face!

Beyond its location, that is hopefully common knowledge, a few who paid attention in their primary school will be aware that this sensory organ composed of nasal bones and cartilage, performs the following normal functions:
  • Breathing
  • Preventing from infection
  • Determining sense of smell
  • Determining sense of taste
  • Affecting the resonance of your voice
  • Detect More Than 10,000 Scents
Bet many of you didn’t know about the last two!

Okay, way too much knowledge I know, but trust me if you’ve read this far, including the links I’ve supplied, you are practically on your way to becoming a local GP!

And why this sudden obsession with Noses you ask? After all, they’ve been around since forever! It’s just that I am currently mired in an annoying situation, traumatized by not one, but a cluster of unsightly pimples right at the summit of this elite, upstanding member of my visage! It has outraged, humiliated and upset me for ruining the best of my features! I am not sadistic enough to insert any graphics of the wretched sight; the same consideration however has not been extended to my family. They have to put up with my Witchly-Avataar till the blasted zits fizzle out. Just when you thought you were well-past your uncouthly youth phase and on the threshold of a well-rounded, mature middle-age free of such teenage nightmares, these wretches spring on you unawares! No warnings, hints whatsoever!

Experts will comment that it is the effect of hormonal fluctuation or the hormones in umbrage doing their dying act! All I can say is I don’t care for the reasons, I want results, just make ’em disappear, kaput! Through experience with such repeated inflictions, particularly on the Nose, I have sagely inferred, though not yet found solace in the fact that these pustular carbuncles will take leave only of their own accord. These agents of facial disfigurement operate on their own free will. All known Anti-acne products, face-washes, toothpastes, detox-stomach lavages have proven futile against them! Sigh!! 

My grievance towards my outstanding olfactory apparatus also stems from its rapid deviation from its natural color to a non-flattering shade of pink at the slightest hint of a cold! A nice barometer for cold, I must say! A full-blown bout of the same, earns me the pet name of Rudolph!
All this worrying about my sorry state of Nose, led me to investigate……

Let’s Nose About…well, Noses!

Getting back to healthy muzzles, free of congestion and acne, I came across very interesting observations as to how there are fourteen different Nose shapes identified and that each shape says something about the person beholding it.

Some Nose shapes

Courtesy: Internet

The shape of the Nose is determined by the positions of nasal bones, and its two cartilages. Any combination or differences in these three areas can create a truly unique appearance of the Nose, which can be even more depending on ethnicity. 

Nose shapes based on Ethnicity


AFRO                     S.E.ASIAN                     ASIAN

Know your Nose: Which Celeb-Nose is like Yours?

So which Snout with Clout is like yours?

And fret not my friend if your muzzle doesn’t resemble any you see above! Yours could be a unique, individual combination of two or more types. You could be sporting one which starts off as an Aquiline (Daniel Radcliffe), build up to a Roman (Tom Cruise) and taper off as a Snub (Wayne Rooney)!!

And what do you think about this exceptional Snout of French actor Gerard Depardieu? Yeah right, I know yours is way better!!

French actor Gerard Depardieu

External References & Personal Compilation:

Too good to be true?

How many of the Celeb-Noses are Original and how many have been corrected by a Nose-job or Rhinoplasty is debatable. On the trail of the elusive and ethereal Nose scores of them and even normal mortals are undergoing these procedures in ever-increasing numbers.

What is Rhinoplasty?

To improve your pretty-nez you could try some of these interesting exercises for the Nose:

Nose-worthy news from history

Historically, references to some famous Noses have been made, for instance Cleopatra, the Queen of ancient Egypt, was purported to have a very fine/strong Nose.
A French philosopher named Blaise Pascal who lived in the 1600s, wrote:

"If Cleopatra's Nose had been shorter, the whole face of the world might have been changed."

This statement has intrigued generations of scholars since, and even the creators of Asterisk refer to it in their own witty way.

Reference to Cleopatra's nose by Julius Caesar in Asterix And Cleopatra
Monsieur Pascal knew that in the ancient world – and many periods since – a strong Nose showed strength of character. If her Nose had been weaker, maybe her character would have been weaker, too. Maybe her strong Nose was one of the things that attracted Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, two of the most powerful men in the world then, to fall in love with her and marry her.

Bust of Cleopatra at Berlin

For more on Cleopatra: 

Back home in India, Surpanakha, the beautiful demoness a.k.a Meenakshi, Chandranakha-one with a divine Nose, was punished by her Nose & ears being sliced off by Lakshman, to protect Sita from her vicious attacks. In ancient times, Nose cutting was a punishment meted out to individuals as a mark of shame, for infidelity, improper advances and such other shameful acts.

Courtesy: Internet


Nasal Vanity

The Nose is seen as a medium of vanity, especially in Indian women. Nose rings in India are worn on the nostril, septum (the cartilage between the nostrils) or the bridge of the Nose. However, most commonly, Nose rings are worn on either the left or right nostril. Typically the left nostril is favored because in Ayurvedic medicine, the left nostril is associated with the female reproductive organs, and a piercing in that position is thought to make childbirth easier as well as lessen the amount of menstrual pain.

The legendary Carnatic Classical Diva always shone with her diamond studded Besari & Thalluku on her Nose

Rajasthani, Maharashtrian, South Indian, Punjabi Nath

A traditional Bharatnatyam Danseuse wears Nathu, Mookuthi & Pullaku on her Nose
While dancing, the breathing rate naturally increases. The Nathu, Mookuthi and Pullaku are worn on certain parts of the Nose to help regulate the breathing rate of a dancer while dancing. People considered the practice of piercing body parts like the ears & the Nose as surrendering oneself to God. Our early ancestors believed that punctures/ piercings along specific nerve points help in the removal of toxins from the body.

For more detailed information on Nose-piercings and their significance:

I am not too sure whether Miley Cyrus and her likes considered these aspects before getting their piercings done!!

PL.NOTE: This blog does not endorse any kind of body-piercing. The blog and its creator will not be held responsible for egging under-age nitwits to get body piercings done!

Sniff n Tell

Well, besides being a medium of vanity, your Nose also plays a pivotal role as the Olfactory receptacle of the body.
You are never more keenly reminded of this fact than when you are hosting a cold. A blocked Nose can deprive you of all the tantalizing aromas of the best prepared gastronomic fare. Your taste receptors too go on a sympathetic strike to show their solidarity in suffering. And, rest assured that you will not be worried by pedantic discussions of Sinuses and Nasal congestion!

Did you know that the key fragrance evaluators in the Perfume industry are one of the most highly paid jobs? Definitely sniffers that sell! A growing number of high-end Parfumeries pander and indulge your Nose with made-to-order perfumes:

The Nose-pincher

Spectacles in their older versions were called pince-nez literally meaning to pinch the Nose. They gloried in resting on the bridge of the Nose, further enhancing this member to a prominent distinction!

Life-long bespectacle-ment is the grief of many and yet gladly flaunted by many more. One cannot carry off this article of optical illumination without paying due obeisance to the Nose. Your Nose decries its due credit for hosting that pair of perfect designer glasses. No matter how alluring the glasses might be, your brand of Nose may disapprove of it, promptly letting it slide off, pinch and irritate you to distraction!

To understand how to get that perfect pair of glasses with due regard to you-know-what, read on:

Tale of a Naughty-Nose

And how can one not mention the delightful tale of the adorable, mischievous Pinnochio?! Pinnochio the poor little marionette, was constantly troubled by his bewitched Nose, that grew longer every time he lied & disobeyed!
Didn't read his story when you were little? Well, do now:

Snore Lore

The Nose, is also the source of a universal bother, SNORING. Sounds soo harmless doesn’t it? Try sleeping with weird noises at unbearable decibels right next to your ear! You’ll have to try it personally: Sleep next to a snorer all night to believe it and understand what I am babbling about! And guys, don’t get ‘testy’ at the gender bias here, but it is a proven fact, that men take the crown at snoring! 

On the physiology of snoring please visit:

Cartoonists, Animators delight - playing with Noses!


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  1. My God. Kala you have presented a well documented research paper on 'Nose'. Other than nosing around, hardly we care about nose. Nose becomes irritating when we get a bad cold & we calm it down with a generous application of vicks!. Well written. Congrats.

    1. Thank you Mamaji for your generous comment! Glad you enjoyed :)

  2. Kala...what a handsomely written post.Nosing around indeed! That this attached appendage on my face is worthy of this much...I got to know today so thank you!!
    I loved the easy style of writing, the superb language , the deadly combination of humor and information...great going I see a best seller soon!

    1. Hey thanks for dropping by! Your lovely words are truly encouraging. Thanks again :)

  3. Another fantastic post from you! Loved it

  4. This must be the most light hearted, entertaining research paper on the Nose. A lot of serious research has gone into it, we can see, and documented so light delightfully. Your verse on the Nose is sweet.

    1. Thank you so much for these lovely words! Indeed very motivating!

  5. Amazingly talented writer you are kala. Great read

  6. Was this a part of the research paper you documented. Everything and all about nose and what not. I didn't even know that one could write so much about nose.

    Nice post. :)

    1. Caught me;)!! Yes the aim is to spread my vast knowledge in this area of expertise ;) Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Wow! This is the most I have read about the nose in this lifetime. :P

    Also, I had no idea such a poem existed, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. :D

    Especially this part -

    Within your ear, your Nose would be
    an absolute catastrophe,
    for when you were obliged to sneeze,
    your brain would rattle from the breeze. ;)

  8. Loved this! Engaging and interesting! :)

  9. What inspired you to write this nose-worthy post? ;) And yes I'm so glad the nose is on my face and not any place else! ;)

    1. Why of course my nose ;) Glad you enjoyed!!

  10. this was a nosy affair . Liked the post

  11. Thanks for dropping by Dada :)

  12. Now this is one exhaustive research on the Nose, Kala! What a delightful read it made! I had no idea that nose piercings had benefits too, and so many! Also time to get a Thalluku made, after the Besari:)))

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