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Wednesday 11 November 2015

Why I Blog?

A deceptively simple question methinks! Well, why does anyone blog? 
As a hobby? If you are rather fond of penning down every wisp of thought that pops in your head, into words, blogging is what you should be doing! I think of my blog as my web-diary that records my ravings. My blog gives me the flexibility to share my random thoughts and musings with persons/groups I choose.

Many a time, you would like to imagine yourself as a writer, you can’t do it overnight can you? What better than a blog to see your ramblings on the net - traced by a few search/tag words.
It helps a beginner, a budding writer to test out his tunes on the small stage blogging platform as a player catering to a select audience, till you think you are big enough to venture on the big author/writer stage with an orchestra of publishers, editors, and bigger audiences who can totally make or break you. Basically it boils down to blogging being your baby steps that format, nurture and encourage you  to understand your strengths and fortify you to take on the big guys! 
Rather like the journey from being a small screen television artist to a mainstream cinema actor!

Every blogger on the blogosphere shares this common empathy link: To share his views, reach out/create an audience, be recognized for his talent, and eventually fulfill his dream of of seeing his works in print!
At this point, I also think aspirations are a great thing, but without true passion and talent - gift of the gab, there is only short distance that any platform can take you. So blogging in that respect, helps me introspect on whether this is just a passing fancy or is this what I would like to do on a more consistent basis. Call it escapist if you will, but liberating I would like to call it, as one is not constrained in thought and expression on a free blogging platform, the output is unrestrained, free-flowing, genuine and original.

Having said that, I think I find myself utterly addicted to this wonderful scribing platform. Besides being a haven for one's thoughts and words, Blogging is also a virtual world that connects you to some of the most brilliant writers and bloggers, reaches out to a wide-spread audience of lovely readers
, and thereby enriches your journey in this fantastic world of words!

This  post was written in response to a #WritingPrompt #WhyIBlog as a part of the #Blogbuddy initiative by @Blogchatter a wonderful platform for bloggers from every genre, that encourages, motivates, educates on everything blogging!

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  1. cheers to blogging and more to #blogbuddy

  2. Cheers to this thought and hope this isn't a passing fancy but you are here to stay!

    1. Yes indeed! Here to stay! Cheers and thanks for dropping by!

  3. I totally agree that blogging is like taking baby steps to becoming a writer. Hope to read more from you :)

  4. Blogging is different things to different people; hobby for some, a business enterprise for others. But no matter what the reason to blog, the blogger needs to be passionate about self expression. Those are the blogs that truly stand out. What do you think?

    Anyway, I am glad YOU decided to blog. Else we would have missed your Bai-Saga . So I am hoping you are here to stay. :)

    1. Thank you dear friend for your support and encouragement. Means a lot to me!!

  5. Blogging is as you may want it see it. It's an art and an expression. It's your words and the story they tell. Keep writing!

  6. Very well expressed... All the best...


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